Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Wave of Wellness?

The Boy and His Girl
My face is a snot festival.  I can speak again but I have a horrible cough, a running nose and now, worst of all, I have caught FL's eye infection.  Oh how wonderful it would be to feel WELL again!

FL is functioning with two eyes again and managed to get out with his golf buddies for their annual Indian restaurant trip.  He has had a big breakthrough with his book and has been holed up in the New Library consulting crumbling documents in the Archives. 

On Thursday, The Girl had a belated birthday  / leaving celebration with a pal from school, at the Fun Beach.  This was done in a spirit of kitsch and irony, for which I am eternally grateful.  I love my daughter!  On Friday she flew to London. She is going on a fab holiday with her dad and aunt - woo hoo!
Mending the bat-wing bag!
After the airport, I took The Boy and His Girl to the (natural) beach at Balmedie.  They don't do kitsch and irony.
Sunshine!  Everything looks better in the sunshine!

I have employed Boy and His Girl to redecorate the upstairs loo.  They made a fine job of wallpaper-stripping and now have plans for a seaside-themed mural and a shell-encrusted mirror.  Exciting!

I have hopes for a quiet weekend dedicated to knitting and sewing.  The weeds can look after themselves for another week.


didyoumakethat said...

Sounds heavenly, Roo.

Natalie said...

Roo, I just bought this pattern.
It's looks very Roobeedoo.
Fancy a Sewalong?

Kat said...

I hope you feel better soon and enjoy your quiet weekend of crafting! I'm loving the seaside theme decorating especially the shell-encrusted please! Lovely photos as well - they make me wish I lived nearer to the coast.

Sandy said...

Lovely photos of the area and I adore spending time at the beach. I may have some of the Pacific soon if my daughter will birth those twins and we have more time to do things when the Nanny arrives... exciting times in this MM household as we never thought another baby, much less twins, would ever be part of the future.

Intending that your gloomy eye and other nasty bits are clearing up soon and you are back to your usual bright self!