Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just Flogging my Socks

This week we have Grandma to stay, so I am managing to knit, but sewing is too anti-social.
So I finished off my Licorice Allsorts socks.

One leg is shorter than the other.
This is the effect my mother has upon me.
It explains the atmosphere of panic lurking in the background of my past two posts.
The dog is hiding in his basket.  The Girl tries to hide in her room.  FL is studiously asleep in his chair.

You would never have known there was a problem if I had shown you THIS picture, would you?

Last weekend, The Girl and I tackled her room head-on, and took 3 sacks of children's books to the charity shop, 3 sacks of rubbish to the tip, and filled the recycling bin at the end of the road with old magazines.  This cleared: her bookcase, her desk, her shelves and the top of her dressing-table.  Now all that remains is the sliding-doors cupboard... which as you can imagine is where things get shoved out of sight.  Be afraid... be very afraid!

She now has a pared-down selection of books, music, art materials, clothes and make up:  still too much to get into one suitcase to take to London, but probably manageable in two trips, as long as she leaves everything behind on the return journey!

De-cluttering is a contagious sport.  I found a great book at the library called What's A Dis-Organised Person To Do? . I left Grandma at home reading it yesterday morning while I went to work - hee hee!  It is full of really obvious stuff that you might not think of but will transform your life.  My favourite new trick is the "landing strip":  I stop the dog just inside the front door and throw down an old towel, where he has to lie until he dries off - ha ha!  No more full-body mud prints in the front room!
Shame I can't do the same with FL, but give me time...

And there is such an obvious solution to the where-to-put-cookbooks question, that I cannot believe I overlooked it:  on top of the Welsh dresser!  It is a solid piece of furniture and all that's up there just now are my son's school experiments with clay and spare lightbulbs.  So the step-ladder is coming out today and I will be scrubbing the top before re-locating my recipe collection - woo hoo!

It is, of course, still raining.  Grandma is confined to the house unless we can shoe-horn her into a spare pair of wellies.  I hoped to take her to a few local castle / garden / tearoom destinations, but it is really no fun in the rain when you can't walk very fast.  Maybe she will enjoy watching me teach The Girl how to hang wallpaper in the upstairs loo?  Hmmm... could be too stressful for all concerned.

We tried to visit Monymusk Walled Garden yesterday... but it wasn't there!  I should have taken a photo of the forlorn wet blackboard hanging on the locked and overgrown garden door: "la...te" .  As in: "Too late for a latte - ha, ha, Losers!"
We are trying again today:  another day another garden.  The whole of the North East of Scotland cannot possibly have shut up shop and gone on holiday, tempting though it is in this weather.

P.S.  The title is what Grandma thinks I am doing just now.

P.P.S. Note new knitting project on top of my book!  More on that another day :)


Snickerdoodle Smith said...

Ah! Your Scotland weather sounds wonderful! We're still waiting for it to rain here in Arizona. We've been waiting all summer. Yes, pure sunshine can become depressing when it goes on forever and ever, lol!
Good luck with your visitor. I can sympathize. Having people over - anyone- gives me anxiety. Even when I love them a whole bunch. I don't know why exactly...

agirlinwinter said...

Oh dear, deep breaths... I'm impressed by your decluttering - I've been doing a bit in my flat but still loads more to do. Oooh is that 'my' yarn you're knitting with?

sylkotwist said...

This made me laugh, Grandma and Grandpa have just been to stay with us for a couple of days and I share your anxieties! Love the socks, unless you plan to wear them with sandals and shorts the height discrepancy shouldn't be an issue…!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Asymmetrical socks, so on trend and so not White Stuff ;)

Scruffybadger said...

I do love reading about your life through the crafting lens...really made me smile finally catching up. I think you have more energy than me to deal with the persistent irritants of others' messiness. But I so love sock escapes & these are awesome. Perfect for this summer's weather ;-)

Seraphinalina said...

I love the socks and the mismatch in length adds to their quirkyness. Besides, how often do people see the tops of your socks?
I can totally understand the impact having a mother visiting can have. I think I do okay when my in laws visit, I'm quite sure I'd be insane after living with my mother for the same length of time.

Linda C said...

I check out the Dis-Organiged Person bookon Amazon. It looks like what I need. I understand I was sent a book cert for my birthday which has never appeared--if it turns up, I think I'll get that book.

Muddy feet is one thing- does FL drop whatever he is carry anywhere- dining room table, table in entry,bed - and leave it there? These guys!