Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life Goes On (LGO)

The Girl has a wonderful expression:  LGO.
This stands for "Life Goes On" and she uses it liberally - so if I drop  food on myself at the table:  LGO.  The dog walks across my newly-mopped floor?  LGO.
And although sometimes it makes me want to scream, it is a useful phrase to cut things down to size, see them in proportion, and move on.
Another month of waiting for medical results?  ELL   GEE   OH!

Thank you for your comments, we appreciate your kindness.  Truly.

Meantime, I am distracting myself by pondering the old chestnuts:  (1) what would I wear if I was to start afresh and (2) what would I wear if I didn't sew. 
I know - earth-shattering stuff, right?

Oh look - it's my old friend the White Stuff catalogue !

This is me.

No, really - this is me as I dressed in 1981:  denim skirt, v-neck t-shirt and canvas shoes.  In a caravan.  With crochet blankets and flowery curtains (except they were orange).  Only the cushion covers are different.  And the hair:  mine was wild and curly.

If I didn't sew and if my workplace was less formal, this is exactly what I would buy.

And I must get on with that crochet blanket I haven't started to make yet.

Oh look - there's more!

White Stuff again, dammit!

And although this cardigan is astonishingly 60% modal, 40% YAK HAIR, this is basically me in my Renfrew Tee, Portfolio pants and Boden cardigan (tsk!)  like this.

And a large part of me  is shouting: "LGO Roo!  Stop sewing stuff you don't really want to wear but keep making because of your high-minded principles and show-off-y blogging streak!  Throw the whole lot in the bin and go shopping for a capsule wardrobe at White Stuff!  Chuck in your job and go live in a houseboat in Hebden Bridge!"

So that's sorted then.

But while I think about it, I might just crochet a blanket.


Dibs said...

The girl is really wise for someone that age. I must steal her phrase lol. Seriously, it is a nice philosophy. It puts things into a lot of perspective. What I usually say to myself when I am going through a difficult time, is that everything has a beginning and an end, and every minute takes me 1 step closer to the end. It does not always console me, but most times it does.

beate said...

but we are not 20 anymore....................

Scruffybadger said...

Do you know what I was doing this morning? (After something that has affected me profoundly but is out of internet bounds)?
Looking at properties to rent in the south west near the sea ... rent my house, downsize, ship sewing machine, sizeable stash & live somewhere soul-nurturing surrounded by green & blue (& OK, quite a lot of brown at the moment!)
I have never had the chance to do anything like this - I don't think you are ever too old, just maybe not as brave as we were when we were younger

LinB said...

Crocheting a blanket seems much the wiser choice to me! A friend, mother of twins, says that sometimes, at the end of her day, the best thing she can report is that "no one was stepped on by an elephant." LGO seems to be much in the same vein. Oh, and I recently saw a bumper sticker that I now covet: "My give-a-damn is busted."

christinelaennec said...

The only thing in your vision that I question is that you would actually be happy not sewing your own clothes and wearing a high street wardrobe. I just can't believe it.

I like LGO!

Happymousefairy said...

I love the sentiment, your daugter's wise.

And then I saw the shop preview for Posh Yarn.

Seriously! Betsy 4ply - Life Goes On.

LOVE it! :-)

Roobeedoo said...

Happy mousefairy - well-spotted! That's amazing! Serendipity! Or perhaps enough to make me buy yarn! ;)

Sigrid said...

I think it's a good thing that you have retained your capsule self even as your wardrobe may have expanded a bit. I have similar fantasies of living in a shack with some crafting things and books.

Elizabeth said...

I like the idea of living on a houseboat. Great idea there!