Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Normal Service Will Be Resumed...

Grandma has gone home.
The Boy and His Girl have arrived.
The Girl heads off again on Friday.

Meanwhile, FL has conjunctivitis and I have lost my voice.

The only possible solution to any of this is to curl up on the sofa and knit.
I cast on Shalder while Gma was here.
The yarn is Rowan All Seasons Cotton, which I purchased from A Girl In Winter via a Ravelry destash.  (Thank you - what a bargain!)
I bought it with the intention of knitting Headland from a back issue of The Knitter... but Gma took one look and said "Short sleeves?!"  and while my instinct was to snarl:  "Yes - short sleeves!  Have you got a problem with that, eh?"  I actually stopped and thought about it.
What was I thinking?  Aran weight cotton with short sleeves?  It would only have worked as an over-garment and it would always have to match what was underneath... so how often would that get worn?
And then I remembered Shalder.
I knew that whatever I made with this shade of yarn (Wisteria), it was unlikely that I would ever wear it to work, so it needed to be an "evenings and weekends" garment.
I have wanted to knit Shalder since the first previews of The Shetland Trader, but it hadn't occurred to me to use cotton until now.

I have exactly the right yardage for the second size, so that's what I am knitting.  A gauge swatch?  That's for cowards!  I am knitting, that's what I am doing.  And despite the acres of plain stocking stitch as I plough my way up the body, I have that yoke to look forward to - woo hoo!

My yellow cardigan is in the doldrums.  I am not sure I would ever wear it.  The bigger it gets, the more sure I am that it looks like spare tyres stacked around my waist.  I can feel a ripping session coming on.  That's why I started Shalder.  To give the illusion of successful knitting output before I start the unravelling of several weeks' worth of full-time fingering-weight trauma.
As for sewing... I have a plan.  I'm just not ready to talk about it yet:  no voice remember?  But I reckon I will have something to show you at the weekend.


Christine Laennec said...

So sorry to hear you've lost your voice and FL has conjunctivitis! Did you talk too much during your mother's visit?

Shalder is going to be so beautiful! Too beautiful, perhaps, to wear to work.

Take good care of yourself, Roobeedoo!

sylkotwist2006 said...

I'm very envious of your knitting abilities, even thinking about knitting makes my hands sweaty, a disaster when combined with wool and needles! Anyway, I love Shalder and its vintage yolk, pretty colour too. Hope you get your voice back soon x

Paula said...

I still have to do the button loops on my shalder then it'll be done. I'm not sure I like how it fits. Oh well.

tim's wife said...

Just love all that cabling on that Hartland though. Would it work without the sleeves, as a vest, in a neutral color? Such a pretty front to it!

tim's wife said...

OOPS, headland, I meant.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

From a coward who admires your audacity ... it's pretty, hope it's a perfect fit :D

Evie Jones said...

Conjunctivitis sucks...my wee boy gets it all the time. Lost voice is equally grim, but, as you say, a fine excuse for curling up with some lovely knitting. Hope you both feel better soon.