Wednesday, July 04, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Welcome back to the Land of Lists!
Thank you for your kind comments about my kodak-limbo-land photos - I have yet to gather the courage to try the software download, but I know I must.  It is the kind of computer-based project which gives me anxiety attacks.  It feels easier just to let them go!
My "To-Do"s are looking slightly less daunting this week, with the approach of some eked-out Annual Leave which will allow me to work mornings only for the next couple of weeks while The Girl is back at home.  Grandma is coming for a few days though... so there are new tasks to undertake, not least of which is "clear spare room"!
However, I have already squeezed in some sewing this week and am feeling very positive about that.
Here's a sneak peek...
Jessica and I are having a mini-swop arranged around this rose-print cotton.  She took a shine to it when I mentioned that I had too much and felt guilty "wasting" it, so it's off to California with a couple of other goodies.  I can't wait to see what she does with it!
My rosie project is now on hold pending bias binding... but my red zip is here, so if I was really smart I would make my red skirt while I wait.  If I did that, I would have an actual outfit to show you!

But in the meantime, have a preview of incoming stock for my Etsy shop :)
Do pop in and have a look at the weekend!  It is hard to let some of these beauties go!


Gail said...

Clearing the spare room of all the sewing stuff is on my list of things to do too! Got to get it done before my niece comes to stay! Off to check out your shop now!

Roobeedoo said...

Gail - not yet! The shop shelves are not yet filled!

Kestrel said...

Ooh I will have to check that out!

(Despite my self-imposed pattern buying ban I cracked and bought a Simplicity pattern affter seeing Scruffy badger's gorgeous skirt. More cracking may be to follow)

Scruffybadger said...

Im so excited about that rose print - love it to bits!! Im glad that you are going for a red skirt - you will not regret it (says she sitting in hers!)
I am sorry also about your computer / technical nightmare - i too put off anything technical as i just want it to work - when it breaks it is more hassle than i can bear & is something that eats into creative time. can you get your children to do it for you? Mine like the idea of helping me out that way- such is the degree that i loathe it!!

Anonymous said...

Super excited for our little swap :-). And a red skirt? Mmm ... that sounds like a tasty piece of cake!

I am also sorry about the technical nightmare regarding your photos, how heartbreaking. I'm hoping out hope for the software download though =). And Winnie's suggestion is a good one, might one of your children be tempted into helping?