Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Quick FO: PJs for The Girl

The Girl needed new pyjama bottoms, and they had to be black... which is easier said than found!
But she liked the bird-print of my Desperately Seeking top, which she reckons could be mistaken for bats (this is a good thing), so I offered to rustle up a pair with my leftover metre of viscose jersey.

It was simple enough:  I just traced round her old shop-bought pair and added three inches to the leg length. (Wow - she must be growing!)

Each leg is a single pattern piece, so the only seams are at the inside leg and from front to back round the bottom.  It was interesting to see that the waist curves lower at the front and the back seam curves away from the perpendicular, to accommodate the shape of a female body.  They are not like any trousers I have ever sewn for myself. Presumably because I was copying a jersey garment, all the shaping happens without darts.  And I have never sewn anything with such a low-slung waist.
I made a facing strip to enclose some wide (2.6cm) elastic at the waist, and finished the inside edge with black satin bias tape, for comfort as much as strength.

She opted to leave the hems unfinished, which works with this fray-resistant material.

Just what she wanted!
Cost:  £1.25 for elastic.  The fabric and thread were in the house already.
Bargain! :D


Judith said...

If only every garment we whip-up was this easy and wearable....

Gail said...

Man, that reminds me! I've been wanting to make some jammies too! Nice ones!

Lynne said...

I love these!! :)

christinelaennec said...

You are the perfect mother!

jessica said...

Those look super comfy and spot on for your daughter! Man, this takes matching-but-not to a whole new level ... :-). I like them!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just catching up with you. Love the red skirt! Try a pale rose-grey with it maybe, for an alternative to black that won't wash you out like white.

Pleased to read FL got some good news :D And congrats on her results to The Girl with the fab pyjama bottoms :D

Zoe said...

How cute is this?! Insanely cute.