Saturday, August 18, 2012

Colours of My Day

The Girl flew south yesterday.
And so a new era begins.
Today I discovered that there are parking spaces to be found in the local market town if you get there before 10am - who knew?  And that M&S marks down its fresh foodstuffs to crazy cheap prices so that they don't hang around the shelves for too long on their sell-by date.  So this morning it was me and a little old lady racing round the shop in pursuit of the ticketing staff: packet of pitta bread 10p, broad beans 50p, fancy salad £1.50... hee hee!
Then home for coffee with the Saturday newspapers and the latest Knitscene.  So much to inspire!
And in the post:  the Kelly skirt pattern at last!
So you can guess how I spent the afternoon.
Who knows, there might be an FO to show you tomorrow!
FL has been visiting a friend in the hospice almost every day for the past week.  D. has now been moved into a "quiet room" and FL has had to concede defeat:  D. won't be coming out through the front door. 
I can't decide on a colour for the kitchen walls.  One day it's yellow, the next it's green.  Today it was violet.  FL says "White".


Joy said...

My husband always says "white" too!

Scruffybadger said...

Gary also says "wHite" expand, he says paint walls white and let other things provide the colour....
Hope you are not too bereft with your new found " space"... Might take a bit of adjusting but you will x

Linda C said...

Is the picture your kitchen? The walls look sort of a grayed violet. Yellow and green would be nice too.Maybe he hears green or yellow and thinks bright intense shades, tones ...hues?.


Lynne said...

Ooo!! I shall look forward to seeing your Kelly skirt. Good luck with it! :)

christinelaennec said...

I can imagine it will take some getting used to The Girl being away. I hope she's finding the start of her new life to be fun and not too stressful. And poor FL. That's hard to imagine. But I'm glad that you have knitting and choosing of colours to do. And a new experience of M & S / town / parking! And a holiday to look forward to, perhaps?

I'm curious to know what you like in Knitscene.