Saturday, August 04, 2012

Flooded with Sunlight

I had the afternoon off work on Friday.

For so many reasons:  a head full of ideas that demanded to be thought through;  because the sun was properly shining for the first time since May;  an urgent appointment with a paintbrush, a pot of eco-primer and my bedroom wall;  and because I had reached the point with my day job where I was likely to say / write something I would later regret.

Step away from the Send button, Roo!

I took the time to cut some flowers from my herb garden to brighten up the kitchen table.

What a difference!

And all the time, your lovely supportive comments were pouring in.  Thank you!

I'm still here, don't worry! 

Here I am, paintbrush in hand, posing in an artificial way, but marking the occasion when I finally got round to making my bedroom into a pleasant place.

The primer is covering horrible damp sooty stains that drove through the chimney wall perhaps six / seven years ago, during one of several floods which rotted the carpet and destroyed some lovely old leather-bound books which I had stored in that cupboard to the right of the picture.

Despite almost continuous rainfall over the past three months, I have not had to mop dry the floor for at least two years.  It was time to lift the "carpet" of mouldy newspapers and start afresh.

It would be so lovely to sink my bare toes into a soft clean rug in the morning... instead of reaching for thick socks and outdoor shoes to negotiate the cracked tiles and concrete.

So today I set to with the Claypaint, and spent the entire day working my way round the walls, one by one.  I still need to tackle the bed-end of the room.  My bed is in the former milking shed, knocked through from the main farmhouse in the 1970's, creating this one much larger space.  It used to be a "granny flat".  In an ideal world I would have a sewing table in here, but FL won't be parted from the two big ugly armchairs which monopolise the floor.  As you probably guessed, they are heaped high with his stuff...

And do you see what's on the mantelpiece?
Yes, it's a radio.
Do you know how long it is since I let the music play?  FL can't bear to have music on unless he can really hear it (which is too loud for me), and I know he doesn't "get" modern music... unless you mean Bartok.  So I don't play "my" music anywhere except when I am alone in the car.
Don't get The Girl started on this subject.  She can't believe anyone can live without music.

And actually that was today's biggest revelation - I realised how much I missed having good old-fashioned Radio 2 playing while I worked.  It was lovely, bouncing around at the top of my ladder, singing along! So  even if I occasionally have to  relocate to the bedroom and leave FL in "splendid isolation" as he puts it, I reckon its worth suffering the "little boy lost" look for half an hour for the change in outlook it inspires in me!

Tomorrow?  Tomorrow is a sewing day.  I can't wait!

Oh... and you know my "ethical" cardigan?
Read the label.
"Made in China".
I tried SO HARD!  Was it made in the one and only ethical factory in China, or have I been duped again?

It is lovely.  I will wear it every day.
I don't have the energy to send it back.


Judith said...

Sounds like you had a very productive and bouncy 'MHD'. A MHD Down Under is known as a Mental Health Day - when you just need time out, but are not sick enough to take a day off! Because sometimes you just know if you give yourself a few hours off, doing just what you want, then everything seems to fall into perspective...

Didyoumakethat said...

I love your photos! I am a total radio addict. I switch between Radio 2 and Radio 6, depending on who's on. I really recommend Radio 6! I listen to quite a few Radio 4 podcasts, but abandoned the Today programme when I got sick of listening to men shouting at each other of a morning!

Lynne said...

Oh my goodness, I love your fireplace! It's beautiful! I really admire your energy, you never seem to stop!! Good luck with the decorating, and happy sewing today. :)

CJC4 said...

If I leave a comment am I feeding your dependency? or assisting your motivation? Anyway, faced with the prospect of you removing your blog, and removing a procrastination source for ME, here I am posting - encourage, praise, motivate!
Actually I really enjoy reading - just am lazy (shy?) and tend to lurk away ...
I hope you keep enjoying sunshine!

christinelaennec said...

Wow it sounds like you really made the most of a sunny afternoon. I think that's your hallmark, Roo - Making the Most of Things.

I adore your fireplace.

I, too, suffer from not being able to listen to music as much as I'd like. My ear is always out for the cry for help from another part of the house... But things will get better. I just need to remember to try to listen to music when I get a chance.

natalie said...

This is the first blog I go to read every morning. I should really set up a feedreader but I've just never got around to it and I just rely on my memory.
I love listening to radio 4 but I am not good at multitasking with sound penetrating things I need to concentrate on. I can't talk and drive either!


Scruffybadger said...

Woo hoo go roo!! You sound like you got on the right kind of rocket for you? productive! And clearly so good for your soul....I think it can feel so good to feel in control of your surroundings that music can elevate to a different level. I am jealous, but from a lazy distance!!!

Anonymous said...

roo, i forgot to tell you - that ironing board you showed on the earlier post is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.! if i had one like it in the new room i am setting up for projects including sewing, i would leave it up at all times just to admire it; care to share how i can find one? thanks. hugs, karen

Roobeedoo said...

Karen-anonymous the ironing board is available from the shop I linked to in my last post "Torquato". There is a cheaper version at John Lewis, but it doesn't look as sturdy.

Where the nodding violets grow said...

Your farmhouse sounds a lot like ours. I too long for carpet but we have old floorboards. The beauty of having an old house. I love radio 2. I struggle too with the radio. I have an autistic son gets distressed by some music (lady gaga, anything from war of the worlds, loads more although I can't think of them now). If I have the radio on he has to have total control over it in case something he doesn't like comes on!!! I also listen to Radio 4 extra. No music but lots of Miss Marple!

Elizabeth said...

Love Love Love the flowers! Such an artsy picture!