Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Dark Denim Obsession

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my recent skirty makes :D

So what's next in my sewing plan?
Could it be yet another Kelly Skirt?
It certainly looks that way!  My Japanese denim and mustard cord arrived, and I already washed the denim, ready to go.  The buttons I ordered are here too.

Jessica had some sound advice on the corduroy / Kelly Skirt combination:  watch out for those back pleats!  And I am thinking I might do some tweaking of the pattern - side zip instead of front buttons, flat back instead of pleats?  So I am "thinking" for now.

Meantime, dark denim and chambray seem to be everywhere I look.

There was a perilous moment when I received an email from Seasalt, promoting their Artists and Potters Collection.

Look at these clothes!

(And before you ask me, they are trying quite hard with their ethics:  some organic cotton, a few locally sourced items... just not everything - why not?!)

It is as if they have been reading my mind:  a practical pinafore for pottering around the house; an artistic smock for lurking in libraries.  And both in wonderful dark blue chambray!

The palette of the whole collection appeals to my Scottish eye.  Deep dark stormy greys and greens and blues, with occasional flashes of heather pink.  I love this big soft wool scarf!

Lily Linen dress - pockets!

And then I saw a new pattern over at Tessuti, for the Lily linen dress - ooh imagine this in indigo blue?!  I have some light blue herringbone linen in the stash that might benefit from a darker over-dye...

Lily Linen dress - hem detail

Or how about some of this over-printed herringbone linen from the Organic Cotton shop?


didyoumakethat said...

I am very envious of your soft denim, but am trying not to buy any more fabric right now! I REALLY like Tessuti's new pattern. I can absolutely see this on you. I can't decide if it would suit my dumpy body or not. I think you may need to be long and lithe to pull this one off. But, oh, the temptation to make that dress in a really good quality linen...

shivani said...

what a lovely aesthetic. I love those fab "artistic" styles, but I don't think the silhouettes love me!
Have you heard of Gudrun Sjorden (Swedish, but have a UK website and catalogue)- collectively a slightly mad librarian style (the individual pieces are nice though), but good ethics (or so they claim) .

Alison said...

I had resisted the temptation to look at the Artists and Potters collection until now....I now have a rather long wish list. I must not go to the Organic Cotton Shop site though as that always proves expensive :)


Minnado said...

Oooh, I have a weakness for dark denim and linens. Also I love the idea of a smock for pottering about in. When I was little my dad had those navy sailor smocks with pockets, and I always wanted one. Love the seasalt images. Funnily enough, I received the new People tree catalogue which also features models posed in a pottery / art studio. Is this the current trend? x

Paula said...

I loVE THAT PINAFORE! I had a pattern like that about 30 yrs ago but got frustrated & gave up & good willed the project. So cute!

Scruffybadger said...

I have also resisting looking at the sea salt latest offerings.....but *that* pinafore is rather special...just imagine it with all of your various self made knit tops peeping through....serious inspiration.

Carolyn said...

Dark denim and chambray do seem to be popular; I really love them too. The mustard cord sounds very yummy too :)
Roobeedoo, I drew your name for the Pattern Pyramid, could you please let me know your mailing address; to csmith(dot)australia(at)gmail(dot)com and I will post it off.

christinelaennec said...

Ah, I now understand that Seasalt is a different company from Saltwater! I like their Cornwall-made things. I can just see you in that pinafore! And I love the hem of the Lily Linen dress.

Mary said...

Love the pinafore. And the Lily dress. Oooh, I love the printed herringbone fabric. Either dress would look great with that fabric. I had something similar when I was a teen...found the fabric scraps in my stash the other day and it certainly brought back memories.