Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Season of the Skirt

It's that time of year again:  Back To School.  Term started here today.

My new autumn shoes:  Fly London Juno wedges

This year, I was very pleased not to be joining the queue in John Lewis for school shoe-fittings or having circular conversations about whether or not black skinny non-denim jeans adhere to the uniform code!  The Girl is away in London at Sixth Form College, with ... ahem...alternative clothing requirements.

But if you think I can shake off the concept of "new uniform for the new term", you don't know me very well!  This is always a time when I review the State of The Wardrobe.  And this autumn looks all set to be my Season of the Skirt.

Here's what I have in mind:

Tangerine Flip
I have wanted an orange skirt for ages, and was delighted when I found this burnt orange crepe in the sale at Dragonfly Fabrics.  It is perfect for a Betsey Johnson-pattern flippy panelled skirt.  I have made the trousers twice, so am optimistic about grading the pattern up to fit.

A Konflagration of Kellies
I am determined to get my money's-worth out of the Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt pattern!

I wore my hearts and rainbows print version to work yesterday (with my white Lisette Portfolio top) and I felt great in it. By the end of the day, I realised that it was doing a definite puffball at the back due to my lining method, but I was secretly thrilled by that - hee hee!  If nothing else, it is unique!

I also realised that I need to place a button directly below the waistband, as the fronts pull apart when I sit down - a lesson for next time!

I have ordered fabric to make two more:  mustard cord and a very soft dark Japanese denim, both from Our Patterned Hand.  Half a metre of Liberty print cotton jersey may also have fallen into my shopping cart to make a new batch of knickers! :)
I am expecting these to be staples in my everyday working wardrobe.

And I have plans for a slightly mad "party" version in a weird beige quilted lace which was lurking in the stash with no clear future...!

You might remember I was supposed to be making a Cynthia Rowley skirt out of Bluebirds and Pansies-print viscose?  I cut it out... and then I chickened out.  I have the feeling (unconfirmed) that the fabric slid out of alignment as I cut, and that it isn't going to hang properly.  I need to dig it out this evening and assess the situation.  It would be better to know than to have it growling at me from the sewing basket.

And I really must get on with my blue wool raincoat... I am too easily distracted!

What about you?  What are your new season sewing plans?


agirlinwinter said...

Oooh I love reading about other bloggers' autumn sewing plans. I am trying to formulate some of my own, but as I'm such a noob I'm not sure what to make for cooler weather.

Kirsty said...

I am so jealous. Mustard cord and liberty jersey??!!! Oooh and can't wait for the slightly mad party version. Can't think of new season sewing with all that in mind.. though am thinking of making a pair of pleated pants from papercut.

Dichohecho said...

Ohh, autumn! Cord and wool and wrapping up warm (/not being too hot). Yes please.

Melizza said...

I hope the cut pieces are aligned and you can soon have a new skirt on your waist.

I very much want to conqueror some trousers. Apparently I have knock knees so I need to adjust my pattern pieces for that. Silly knees.

sewbusylizzy said...

I'm heading into summer (hooray) which will hold many Kelly skirts, t-shirts, pretty blouses (finishing Alma now!) and of course dresses and more dresses. I am planning a black gingham shirt dress with a red sash!

beate said...

great plans! the beige quilted lace sounds like something that i want do for my own autumn-sewing
can see it with knitted stockings and a norfolkjacket - that kind of tweedjacket i need desperately this year because one old one is falling apart and the other dont fit anymore. the houserenovations resulting in broader shoulders and back!
and then i need a new woolen skirtsuit for every day wear, maybe a dark tartan........

Jane said...

Sadly I do have the horror of school shoe buying still to do (shudder). I like your plans, especially the mustard cord and Japanese denim Kellies. I've got plans to make a coat, a skirt of some sort (still debating about Kelly) and at least one Alma top if my first one turns out as lovely as everybody else's. My autum sewing is always pretty restrained because it's just such a mad busy term. Will be following your progress with interest! x

Gail said...

Mmmmm . . . mustard cord. Yummy!

Coincidentally, I also made my "fall sewing list" yesterday. Mine includes a wool coat. I hope I don't chicken out!

Lynne said...

Your autumn sewing plans sound great. On Monday I am off work for two whole weeks, HURRAY!!!! I plan to attempt to make a fitted top that fits me (because shop bought tops don't). The top in question will be Sewaholic's Alma. In my head I will make loads of them! Good luck to both of us!! :)

Linda C said...

Good luck on the autumn plans. I hope the Cynthia Rowley skirt works out- it looks like it would be a really nice dressy piece to have for "going out," be it to the pub or dinner or art gallery. I was interested in your comments about the skirt fronts coming apart when you sit down. I have always had that problem, only my skirt fell apart down lower,knees on down. I have sewn mine up at the bottom sometimes. I'll try the more buttons at strategic places.


sylkotwist said...

We have one more year of school shoe shopping thankfully and only for one 15 year old who can be sent off on his own to buy them, hooray!
I'm looking forward to seeing your new makes, the orange crepe looks lovely.
As for your Fly shoes, I want them!

christinelaennec said...

Happy New School Year!

Nikki said...

My Autumn/Winter sewing involves making clothes to garden in. Top of my list is Folkwear patterns Rosie the Riveter dungarees,I'll be making them in denim and if they turn out well probably in cord too. I also have a 70's pinafore I want to make and 70's coat. I still have the unfortunate task of shoe shopping for school, with a daughter that won't wear anything that lasts longer than 5 mins before fallimg apart!!