Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pattern Pyramid: The Winner!

We interrupt this week's back-to-back Time Team-watching extravaganza to draw the lucky winner's name from the Pattern Pyramid rainbow hat!

And the winner is...

Kristen lives in California and recently made a very fine pair of Clover shorts.  Actually, she has been making lots of lovely things this summer  - go and have a look!  Love that Pomegranate voile dress!  Ooh - and I recognise that bird print on her t shirt!

Kristen - I will switch on comment moderation for this post so that you can leave me your contact email address without displaying it to the world :)  Thanks for getting in touch Kristen  - the patterns will be on their way tomorrow!

Everyone else?  Thank you so much for entering!  I have lots of interesting new blogs to explore as a result.

So, the Pattern Pyramid package will soon be setting off across the Atlantic Ocean for the next leg in its journey.  My own PP dress is taking me far longer than expected after I discovered that my pinstriped wool was peppered with moth holes - fab!  Time to rethink...

FL and I head home tomorrow.  Today I will be making the most of my dog-walking opportunities in the forest, and hope to rustle up a few pairs of knickers in long-distance support of some blog-pals who are sewing up a knicker-storm many many miles south of here today.  Actually, I must make some knickers... because I didn't pack enough pairs to last the whole holiday!  Oops!

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Didyoumakethat said...

I love that FL picked the name! I love that your package is going to California. Thanks so much!