Thursday, September 13, 2012

Taking Dictation

So here we are, out for a walk in the woods, the morning after the Dexy Day before.
FL's cold is improving, as is his mood.
I have been working on my Rainy Weekend Socks for the SKA September challenge.  I have had to adjust the pattern to suit a 72 stitch leg.  Details on my Ravelry page here.
I learned a new type of short row heel, which uses a double-stitch.  Socktopus has a step-by-step picture guide to it here.
Amazing stuff!  At last - a toe-up sock without a peppering of holes at the heel! 

And this is how far I have got with my Pattern Pyramid dress...

The pattern piece for the "vest" is missing, and although I think I can draft a replacement, it is not helped by the fact that this section of the instruction sheet has been torn.  The perils of vintage patterns!

Today I plan to make the main bodice and try it on for size.  My measuring tape suggests a good fit:  the darts are in the right place, the bust is my size (on paper) and the underarm-to-waist measurement is about right too.

The neckline is slightly alarming though! 

It looks very much as if it is designed to fit snug and high at the side of the neck, swooping off at an angle towards the underarm like  Snow White's gown.  You know the shape I mean?

I'm not sure how this will look on me... watch this space!

But to be honest, I have been putting more energy into: reading The Happiness Project, walking the dog, and helping FL with his book.

I could not resist including this picture of him, having a moment of inspiration, high on Dexies! (If you are new to my blog, I ought to explain that he takes steroids as part of his chemotherapy regime, not just for kicks!)

The book is currently written in bits and pieces across all those notebooks you can see spread out on those three surfaces.  Only he knows the order in which to read... which means that he had intended to dictate the entire thing to me in real time, as I sat at the laptop.  O....M....G!
Many years ago, I was a high-powered PA with my feet on the transcriber pedals, and state-of-the-art headphones clamped to my ears, as I typed my prestigious boss's words of wisdom at 60 wpm plus.  But that was very different:  I was in control of the speed, with one foot on the rewind button.  And I wasn't married to the boss.
Poor FL was totally bewildered when I explained that I could not possibly take live dictation from him and remain sane and calm and serene... and married to him.  I took the dog out for a walk while he considered his options.  When I returned, I was presented with a pile of pages representing the first six pages, ready to type out...  the joy of computers being that we can rearrange the text later.  Marital peace has been restored. 
But it does mean I don't have as much sewing time as I expected...

P.S.  It's almost your last chance to enter the Pattern Pyramid giveaway


agirlinwinter said...

Lovely photo of you together at the top of the post :-) What do you think of 'The Happiness Project'? I've downloaded it onto my Kindle but I haven't read it yet.

Donna said...

I'm glad the two of you found a solution! I hope you can find one for the Snow White problem now :) The socks are looking good too!

Lucy said...

So talking socks... I am in the middle of my project involving short-rows and have to ask: does picking up the wraps not get rid of the holes?

Lucy said...

*my first project, that should have read.

Sarahel said...

Wow, I'm full of admiration for a situation so deftly handled - even if it does eat into the sewing. We have a book that's still mainly in his head and I can only 4 finger type. I've heard tell of wondrous apps that can record his speech and make it appear on the screen. So if your scenario ever materializes here I'm banking on that.

LinB said...

Agree that computers make editing much easier than the old manual typewriter and carbon paper route! Glad that y'all are having a calm vacation.

Roobeedoo said...

Lucy - I always find the wrap-picking method still leaves a row of holes. It's the main reason I prefer top-down socks. The double-stitch method is a revelation!

Linda C said...

That is one very handsome man there!

I know all about those steroids. I take them for asthma (inhaled) every day, and the other day I waited until way too late in the evening before i took the full day's dose, inhalers, nose drops, the bit. I was up until after 2am, completed revved up. I sympathized with FL and you on the dexy days.


sulkycat said...

Lovely photo of you both, really lovely.

Anonymous said...

For FL:

A microphone headset and:

Roobeedoo said...

Dear anonymous - thank you! I should have known that this technology is available but I don't do that kind of "day job" any more. Definitely worth investigating! :D

Sandy said...

So far I think that this photo at the top of the page is my favorite of the two of you... truly sweet. And hats/caps/snuggers off to FL for getting the book ready... you will both find a way through to the end and it will be a wonderful accomplishment to look back upon. The nice thing about knitting is it is always there waiting for you.

sarahel said...

The software I was thinking of was 'Dragon Dictation'. I seen it demonstrated very briefly but not used it myself so not sure how realistic a proposition it would be for a whole book.