Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Fly-Past Post

THIS was not supposed to happen!

It took The Girl 7 hours to get here from London, after they closed Aberdeen airport on Friday night to clear the runway of snow.  We struggled to get the car up the hill in blizzard conditions, but we got her home safe and sound at 11pm. 

It would have been quicker to fly to New York!

Luckily, it has melted away now, and The Girl has gone into town to meet up with her buddy from Scottish school-days.

I am about to cut out my mustard skirt, using a pattern which is recommended for Hogwarts School uniform costume-makers.

Hmm... is this a terrible mistake?  I am distracting myself in blogland while I gather my courage.

I made a start on some Christmas knitting.

Some of it refuses to be photographed, so you get the freaky special-effects version!

Back to the mustard cord.


Lynne said...

Good grief! Just good grief!! Glad the snow has cleared though. I like the purple and black twisty WIP, it looks very interesting. As the mustard skirt; I'm off for a google for Hogwarts Patterns!

christinelaennec said...

Gosh, what an epic journey for The Girl! But so much more fun to travel to your house than to New York. Your knitting projects both look very cool! (In a warm way.)

LinB said...

Seven hours sounds a doddle. Flying to New York not fast at all, at the moment! Riding a train from Jacksonville, Florida to North Carolina not even possible because Amtrak has cancelled the Miami-to-NYC train in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy. My own DH drove seven hours down and seven hours back to fetch DD from a visit down South, thank you very much Hurricane Sandy for "ruining Halloween." We expect an unseasonal snowfall, too! Who'd have thunk it?

Linda C said...

You second bit of knitting looks like it was left outside in the snowfall for a few minutes. Just a light dusting...

I'm glad you daughter finally got home. How long is her holiday?