Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cutting the Mustard

Wednesday already?
Where has the week gone?
The Girl has gone home to London and tomorrow I am back at work.
She is doing fine.  More than fine - she is happy!  She has friends, she likes College and is able to be herself there, and they are working her hard at subjects she enjoys.  I could not wish for anything more, other than to be 16 again myself.  But no, actually, once is enough.

Back to my sewing machine.

Today I made a start on my mustard cord skirt.

The pattern is Simplicity 5351 from 2003.  It came in a box of mystery patterns bought on ebay for  not very many £s.  I am making View F in size 10, using the pieces from View E to cut my lining - clever, huh?

As the pattern is old, but not vintage, I can't find many reviews of it online.  Its strongest claim to fame seems to be as a recommended pattern for  sewing Hogwarts Uniform cosplay skirts.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of bulk where the flaps and the pleats hit the waistband, but I am going to grade the layers with severity and hope that all will be well.  It is definitely a better plan than trying to use the fabric to make another Kelly skirt.

There is a strong current of anti-mustard feeling in my family.  FL thought I was cutting up the dog's bedding when he saw me laying out the pieces.  The Girl said nothing, but her eyebrows are very expressive.

Jessica understands. 


Katherine said...

Glad to read The Girl is doing well, I much preferred 6th form college to school.

Colleen said...

You know, mustard is really pleasing me this year. I just made a mustard scarflet and the woman who cut my hair last -- a very hipstery woman -- had this great mustard lace shirt with a giant red zipper in the back. Sounds awful, but it wasn't. I like the idea of the mustard cord skirt.

Sabs said...

Ooh nice. I've just received an order of mustard cotton from the organic cotton co (recommended by you in one of your previous posts actually so thank you!). It's called pomegranate and is naturally dyed using turmeric and pomegranate (of course). I'm going to make a skirt too but don't know which pattern yet. Mustard is really "in" at the moment - tell your family!

Sarah Rooftops said...

I love mustard - it's hard to wear around the face (I think), but not in skirts; I'd *love* a mustard pleated mini skirt.

Linda C said...

I love mustard too. I was wearing a long sleeved mustard top just yesterday. ( with black pants and sweater and a Halloween scarf). Good luck with the skirt. As my son says about some things, "Don't listen to them."

I'm glad your daughter is happy at school. One burden less on your shoulders.


Lynne said...

What a genius idea re cutting the lining! I think mustard will suit you, and I can picture this skirt with brown tights and boots, and a big jumper. Very cosy! Glad The Girl is settling in to college. :)

bloglessanna said...

I'm a mustard lover through and through... so no raised eyebrows from me. Ingenious idea to use the other view for the lining. Looking forward to seeing the finished skirt.

acharmofmagpies said...

Mustard looks great on the right people, and I think you'll pull it off amazingly! Not so good on me though, I try to stick to un-muted colours (which does make my fabric stash a little heavy on the hot pink, electric blue, and purple). I can't wait to see this make, and for some reason I think the colour will work really well with your rugged backdrop as well. I love the trumpet silhouette of view C too! You know, for next time.

Sheena said...

It's not mustard - it's a deep gold! There must be something in the air - I've just finished knitting a lovely gold (mustard)jacket.

LinB said...

My mother loves the color mustard. She is/was an auburn-haired, freckle-faced, warm-colored person. (She "went blonde" about 30 years ago. Redheads don't gray gracefully, as a rule.) She dressed me and my sister in mustard when we were too little to protest. We are cool-colored brunettes. Mustard made us look alternately apoplectic and bilious. You go right ahead and enjoy your mustard cord! I'll admire you for wearing it. I will not join the crowd of those who love that color. I do enjoy mustard as a condiment; also mustard greens.

Big Alice said...

I love a good mustard, and not the condiment. I say wear it with pride. I have been adoring all the gold colors lately - maybe its' just fall, or maybe it's just getting darker and I need brighter colors.