Saturday, October 06, 2012

FO: The Puritanical Pattern Pyramid Dress

Pattern:  Bestway C454 from the Pattern Pyramid
Fabric:  1 metre navy / white pinstripe wool and 1 metre grey / lilac striped tropical wool, both from British Fabrics on Ebay as part of a pack of remnants, approx £6 total price.  Small piece of white cotton with pre- embroidered "pleats". Favourite Fabrics at Ebay £4.99 / metre.

Process:  Somewhat troubled.  First of all the moths ate my chosen pinstriped suiting, so I substituted two similar fabrics, using the heavier and darker metre for the skirt, and the lighter metre for the bodice.
The front insert piece was missing, so I drafted my own.  I decided to cut it as a simple curve and edge with white bias binding.
You can't really see in this photo, but the bodice is V-shaped at the front waist, and the skirt is bias cut, sweeping out from the point of the V.
I intended to add black buttons to the "shirt front"... but I don't think I will bother.

It fits.
FL says I look "lovely" in it.
But I can't get The Crucible out of my head:

ABIGAIL:  I saw Sarah Good with the Devil!  I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil!  I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!

And I really don't think this is the sort of image I want to project at my interview on Monday.

P.S.  Blogger says I have used up my photo allowance.  I don't believe them, but they won't let me post any more pictures at the moment.  I am off to explore my options...


Anna said...

If your interview is for a job minding young girls in a Catholic Boarding School I think it's absolutely perfect and they will be very impressed!

I'm sure you can alter it though for the modern world, lower the neckline and shorten the skirt, it could totally suit your style with a little more work (which is bloody irritating to have to do when you think you already finished).

Rachel-Lou said...

Goody Roo!

I agree with the previous commenter, take up the hem a bit and lower the neckline a bit.

Gail said...

You crack me up!

Carolyn said...

Well, you did a terrific job, RoobeeGood! Looks very smart :) My own suggestion for modernising it would be to leave the skirt long, but take those sleeves up to a much shorter length, say elbow length or maybe even a cap sleeve? I read somewhere that three-quarter length is the most universally flattering sleeve length, just to add another option to the mix.
The white bodice insert is perfect, well done for drafting your own piece.

Scruffybadger said...

Oh you are funny! What do you need to do to banish such thoughts from your head to be able to wear this dress with joy? Like the other commentersI think you've done a great job, the combinations of fabric work really nicely, so maybe it is a case of shortening it to bring it into line with something you'd wear. Could you add lace to the neckline maybe? The original had a high frill, didn't it, but I could imagine that might feel quite strangulating. Hopefully you've already had a play with it, and know what you're doing, but I think it's maybe just a tweak that will make a big difference as the concept, shaping and workmanship are tops!

christinelaennec said...

Or you could go to your interview with a whip, and let them guess at what your passions are! (Liontaming, of course.)

Roobeedoo said...

Christine: a whip AND a rope? I don't think they would be able to cope! ;)

Linda said...

No sewing suggestions from me, of course, but I have to tell the truth and say that The Crucible was my first thought.

Is the stepladder significant in any way?

Sandy said...

Well I have no idea what position you are interviewing for, but boots and red scarf would take away the Crucilble image... a bit dodgy the whip idea... you are such a skilled craftswoman that I am sure you bring much of that detail-orientation to the job, whatever it is, so I'd wear it and announce this is one of hundreds of things you've created.. and I'd hire you in an instant! Intending you are getting the job....

velosewer said...

I just think it's wonderful that you made this so well. As for modernising it, you've already got some cool suggestions:)

LinB said...

Don't you change a thing about this lovely dress! You'll need the long sleeves and skirt to keep you warm. I agree that accessorizing it with a bright color -- red scarf, bright tights, etc. -- would modernize it beautifully. Red buttons, perhaps? Or go whole hog and fling on a cape, and put on a white linen caul under a tall conical hat, and embrace your inner Puritan.