Wednesday, October 03, 2012


 Just yesterday, this field was over-the-knee-deep with barley.
 I came home from work to find... stubble!
And giant tracks.
 And an ominous rumble from the East.
 Not the Great Big Enormous Green Combine Harvester of my dreams, but the Really Quite Big Red Combine Harvester.
This one is like a super-sized lawn-mower:  it simply cuts the stalks and separates the grain into a storage tank, discarding the straw in its wake.
No bales. 
What a pity!
I was hoping for bales!
 Here are the gamekeeper, the landowner, and the farmer :)
And it was all over before sunset.


Sandy said...

It's a great distance in time and space from the sickle and scythe and horse hauling in the sheaves, isn't it?

And a gentle nudge toward getting stocked up for those days when you might not want to have to make a path in the snow to get to town.... brrrrrrrr.

daisydonut said...

Harvest is so exciting and very quick these days, I suppose it has to be with the weather we get. Hope it was a good harvest. Will bales appear today?

agirlinwinter said...

Aw shame about the bales. I grew up in the country (oo arr!) and our garden backed onto fields. I used to love climbing and playing on hay bales. Happy memories :-)

Mary in Tennessee said...

Glad it was over quickly. Too bad about the bales though I don't know if livestock would eat barley stalks. Maybe that's why they didn't bale? FL looks like he was enjoying taking the photos.

Roobeedoo said...

Re bales: it is a lot more expensive to hire the bigger baling-type combine harvester, and the job is slower too. The farmer saw a window of opportunity between rain storms to get his crop in, and decided that gathering the straw was not worth the extra money, time or effort. It will be ploughed into the soil as a sort of "green manure".

christinelaennec said...

I love FL's hat!

LinB said...

Now to visions of warm barley soup, frothy beers, and good whiskey. And possibly barley cakes, barley crackers, barley noodles. No barley water, though. Jane and Michael Banks, in Mary Poppins, didn't like the way it made their governess smell.