Monday, October 22, 2012

The Gifting Countdown Begins!

Next week, it is the London half-term holiday and The Girl will be coming North for a few days.  Yay!

But this means the Countdown has begun.  October half-term marks the tipping point for me - after this, it is "almost Christmas" - eek!

I have been squirrelling away a few handknits over the year, with gifting in mind.  But not many.  And although I don't have many people to shop for, I like to put some thought into it and make things rather than hitting the high street.

So what will I make?

Socks.  Obviously.  Most of these are done : )
Gloves / Mitts?  I have the patterns and materials for three pairs, all from an early edition of Knit Now.  I'm quite excited about these!

Licorice Gloves by Sam Parfitt
Hats?  I think everyone who needed one got one last year.

But how about sewing some pretty undies?  There's Zoe's vest pattern and today I spotted the Rosy Ladyshorts (free) pattern over at Cloth Habit.  That could make a lovely set for gifting!

Or an apron?  Lots of great inspiration to be found in Karen's Apronalong!
Lola apron from Sew Liberated
And I never did get round to using my Japanese Herb Embroidery book. How about making a covered notebook, with scraps of leftover tweed and some sprigs of embroidery?

"Herb Embroidery on Linen Volume 1"
This could be fun!

But I might have to squeeze out a couple of long-sleeved tops for myself in the middle of all that selfless giftiness!

I would like to reproduce (OK, copy!) this super-drapey knit top. 

I love the long narrow sleeves, square body wth longer back, scoopy neck with contrast trim and ooh ooh ooh gotta love those pockets!

If you want to buy one like it, it is the Drafting Top from a US-based independent designer called Itterations Workwear.  She has some gorgeous things!

And one last idea:  although I probably wouldn't gift the mis-shapen batch of vegan scones I made yesterday, how about some home-baking?

Those scones?  Absolutely mind-blowingly delicious!  My version strayed a little from the recipe as I had no wholewheat flour or rice syrup or flax seeds, but spelt flour and maple syrup did the job beautifully (no flax substitute used - who needs the little blighters stuck between their teeth?!)


Katy said...

Thanks for the link to the Rosy Ladyshorts! They look very nifty

Anonymous said...

That Drafting Top looks much like Joji Locatelli's Boxy sweater, a current favorite on Rav. If you'd rather knit it than sew it. . .
-- stashdragon

Kestrel said...

Thanks for the link to the lady shorts! Like the look of them, and need to indulge in some underwear making.

Scruffybadger said...

You know I was thinking lady shorts ( i too downloaded yesterday!) could make a good pressie, and covered notebooks too! I like the idea of a sozo vest and knickers set, thanks for the inspiration! And that baggy top is divine....!!

Flossie said...

I've made a half-hearted start with the hand made pressies but I really need to sit down and make a list. I don't operate well without a list :)

I made bags of white chocolate, cranberry and pecan cookies last year which went down well!

bloglessanna said...

Talking about baggy tops, have you see the free Tessuit - Our Fave Top. I finished one last night and I'm wearing it today. All details on my blog post -

velosewer said...

Those shorts are amazing and would be a new skill for me.
I might just stick to making aprons this year:)

Linda C said...

I have been thinking of aprons - and what about pillows? I used to get remnants of heavy fabrics like velveteen or cord, and cover pillow forms when I was first sewing. Family members seemed pleased with this gift.
I also have some jars of apple pie mix I canned. The filling is cooked, then raw apples are put in the jars. Just pop off the top, lay in a crust, cover it with another crust, bake at 400 for 40 0r 50 minutes. Easy. The hard thing to this gift is peeling all those darned apples.