Thursday, October 04, 2012

Working on: My Pattern Pyramid Dress

It is Thursday already!  If I am going to wear my Pattern Pyramid Dress on Monday, I had better pull my finger out and get stitching!
To remind you, I chose the vintage 1940's pattern Bestway  C454.
It has been a bit of an adventure so far.  The first fabric I pulled out of the stash turned out to have been shot to pieces by ravenous  moths.  So now I am making it out of two different lightweight wool suiting fabrics.
I am using a charcoal grey / lilac stripe for the bodice and sleeves, and a much darker blue / grey pinstripe for the skirt.  I think the combination works but I won't be sure until I get the sleeves in.
When I went to cut it out, I discovered that the front "vest" insert pattern piece was missing, so I had to draft it myself.
As you can see, I took the vintage high neck styling a little too far!
Breathing is optional.
Swallowing is impossible.
I am going to have to reshape the neck curve.
It is supposed to have a frilled collar, but I am afraid it might be too prissy-looking.  I want a smart dress, but I don't want to appear severe and headmistress-y.

I quite like how it looks with a little wing collar.

What do you think?
I could either:
  • scoop the curve a little lower and have a simple round neck and buttons
  • bind the top edge with bias tape and call it a collar, or
  • stick to the original design, cut it slightly lower and add a neck frill
There's nothing like a deadline to make me focus!


velosewer said...

I like the wing collar idea.

Laura said...

wing collar works well!

Scruffybadger said...

Yep, I like wing collar idea too....looking very promising :-)

Can't wait, and happy sewing this weekend!!

Sarahel said...

I vote for the wing collar too. Really interested to see how it looks finished. I think I would have given up at the first hurdle, so this is a lesson to me!

Kestrel said...

Going against the grain of everyone so far, I like the idea of a round neck with buttons but I like the collar too.

Lucy said...

I'd go for the simple round neck. I think it'd be a nice constrast against the angular shape of the rest of the placket.

LinB said...

Me, I'd scoop out the neck and skip the collar. But I have a short neck, and that is almost always my solution. Instead of a frill, you could add a narrow collar band -- still gives the nice finish of a stand around your neck, but is more tailored than prissy.

Anonymous said...

I was going to vote for the wing collar, but Kestrel makes a good case for a round collar with buttons. Call me. . . undecided.
-- stashdragon

Linda C said...

Wing collar! You can handle ir. I am with LinB on the short neck, etc. for me, but I think you could handle the other. I have a great idea. Make lots of dresses like that, one for everyday--and different finish for each neck. Just thinking, not doing.


Lynne said...

I'm for the wing collar too, and a bias tape edging would look great.

rosyragpatch said...

I'm with the wing collar brigade. It looks really good.

Stephen Greene said...

Most attractive design, though I am with those who see a round collar for its simplicity. Obviates the need for frequent checking and adjustment.

(My daughter agrees with me much to my surprise).