Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zero Degrees and Counting

I had to scrape the ice from my car windscreen yesterday morning and again today.

I unwrapped my Cousette Market fabrics last night, thinking I might make an Airelle blouse. But the bone-chilling reality of zero degrees would require too many warm layers worn under and over the delicate silk / cotton voile, detracting from its delicate and flimsy loveliness.  Save it for warmer days, Roo!
So now what?
My indecision is not down to lack of fabric.
I have the materials "in stock" to make:
  • A mustard cord Kelly skirt
  • A tangerine flippy skirt
  • An orange floral patterned Renfrew 
  • A whole load of other stuff that will look great in summer
But you sewists know how it is: I have it in my head that what I really need is a collection of winter-warmer tops, and I have no suitable fabric in the stash.  So I spend hours scouring the interwebs for the elusive perfect wool jersey, then deem it too expensive, shut down my laptop and go to bed, with nothing bought and nothing sewn.  Hopeless.

And as if I didn't have enough distractions already, I fell for a skirt in the latest Wrap London catalogue which I "need" to copy.  The cotton / linen original isn't warm enough for my needs, but I found some similar checked wool which would be just the ticket.  It's rather like a Kelly, but has a wrapped front, bringing the buttons slightly to the side, avoiding central tummy-gape-syndrome.

Hope you like the enormous photo!  It is the Arlington Skirt if you want to have a proper look!
Why do companies make it impossible to blog about their clothes by having postage-stamp sized photos?

I found this pure wool on ebay for £17.95 a metre... and I only need 1 metre.  Much more affordable than £79 for the Arlington!  And as long as I keep it above the knee, I won't end up in Frumpsville.

So that will be in the post to me shortly, I hope.

Meantime... despite getting home at 6.30pm instead of 5.45 due to ridiculous traffic jams, tonight I cut out the orange floral jersey for another Renfrew.  With any luck, I will get it sewn before the weekend.  Momentum is restored! :)


Sandy said...

If you keep moving you won't get stuck to your windshield.... LOL!

Carolyn said...

Omigosh, is it really zero already? How cold does it get where you are, if you don't mind my asking?
We are up to 30C now, if only it would stay this temp all summer and not soar up to 42C ....
I love your sewing plans, particularly the mustard cord skirt. Can't wait to see it :)

Scruffybadger said...

Now that Arlington is a perfect autumn skirt and I can see you styling it so perfectly. I feel several degrees colder having read your first paragraph....what great powers of description / suggestion you have ....maybe I need an Arlington too!!

beate said...

oh zero degrees. i´m await this the next few days......
i´m using for my winter-tops thin woven wool, in blouses and often bias cut. this saves me from the expensive knits.
and looks more dressed for me.
the best thing - wovens have the nicest prints :-)

Lynne said...

The wool fabric is gorgeous, and a mustard cord Kelly skirt is very wintery (just sayin...) ;)

Alessa said...

And here I've been thinking that the 6°C in the morning when I ride my bike to work have felt cold... ;) The wool looks lovely for a warm autumn skirt.

Sewing Sveta said...

This is your big image of skirt%)