Monday, November 12, 2012

AVAILABLE NOW! Drafting Top Pattern

I can't tell you how fast my heart is beating!

I just opened my email to the news that the Drafting Top pattern is now available - woo hoo!

Jill at ITterations Workwear is making the pattern available to you / me for a limited period only, until 8 December.

And - get this - she has also put together some fabric-plus-pattern packages to give you the opportunity to make a top just like her designer original!

If you fancy the pattern alone, it comes in your size on dot pattern paper, as well as an emailed digital file with photos and drawings showing step by step how to cut, assemble, and sew this easy top. The pattern will work for any t-shirt weight jersey, but not wovens. It requires zig zag stitching, and instructions show how to use alternative stitches for assembly as well.  Get it here.

The kit version comes with white or grey fabric.

The white version comes in medium weight rayon/elastin jersey. Has a smooth hand, and a slight sheen finish. The trim for finishing the neckline is included, a beautiful contrasting pale purple foldable elastic binding. Get it here.

Fabric for grey top is Pale Grey, heathered, slub, medium/light weight rayon/elastin jersey. Has a slightly textured hand. The trim for finishing the neckline is included, a beautiful contrasting pale pink foldable elastic binding. Get it here.

Make this versatile top in your own home!

Jill says:  "It's been a best seller in my collection since its debut last year, and it's no surprise. Flattering neck line, handy pockets, draped style make it perfect for a top on it's own, or as a lightweight outer layer."

And if you don't want to sew your own, but still love the shape, you can buy one ready made from Jill's Etsy shop here  or her website here.

Race you there! ; )


Scruffybadger said...

Oh dear, I seem to have accidentally followed the link and added it to my basket. Oops! Thanks for your part in this roo :-)

Anne said...

Thank you for your part in making the pattern/kits available! And thanks for your blog. I've been mostly a knitter for many years, stepped back into sewing. Blogs like yours are a huge help as I dust off and improve my skills.

Jill yee said...

Thanks Roobeedoo for your support and enthusiasm, I hope all of the drafting tops out there turn out well! xx

Linda C said...

Thanks- it looks great. What size pattern did you buy? I can't decide on a small or medium.


Roobeedoo said...

Linda C - I went for small which sounds like it is pretty spacious!

sulkycat said...

I have ordered the grey kit - am aiming to make a grey one for my daughter and a black one for me. There's a surprise, me making black ....

Linda C said...

Thank, Roo, I'm ordering a small right now.