Sunday, November 04, 2012

FO: A Dash of Mustard Cord, Simplicity 5351

Yesterday, I went to the optician for my two-yearly eye test.  She kindly informed me that as I head towards my forties I may find that my close vision deteriorates.  I was tempted to ask her: "In which direction?" since my fifties are a lot nearer than my thirties!  From this encounter, I suspect she thought I was younger than my birth certificate suggests.
But does looking younger than my years make it OK to wear short skirts?
Because this one turned out a lot shorter than I expected!

FL says I could use it as a lampshade.
Thanks, darling!

Pattern:  Simplicity 5351 from 2003, View F in size 10
Fabric: One metre of gold / mustard cord from Our Patterned Hand, £15.50, plus less than a metre of lining fabric pieced together from remnants in the stash in bronze and burgundy.
Other: Two vintage 1940's French buttons, part of a swop treat from Jessica  Thank you!!!  :D

Black satin bias tape at the hem.  One of my Persuasion labels inside the waist.

I was immensely trusting of this pattern, and made no real attempt to check the size before I cut into my fabric.   I just made the biggest size in the packet.
So, yes, it is rather short.  Despite the hem-stitching line being visibly 3 cm above the bottom edge, there is really only a 1.5cm turn-up:  the rest is down to the width of the satin bias tape I edged it with.
I chose this pattern because I wanted the box-pleated-ness of a Kelly skirt without the bulk of folded jumbo cord at my waist.  However, there are still an awful lot of layers where the button-tabs meet the pleats at the top, especially with lining and interfacing thrown into the mix.  I had to grade it pretty severely at the waistband seam.
At this point, I want to give a big shout-out to the quality of this cord fabric - woo hoo!  It is seriously luscious stuff.  Where other cord might have rigid ribs on a starchy canvas base, this is velvety soft through and through.
Yes, it shed little tufts of gold every time I waved the scissors at it, but it doesn't feel like it is going to go bald the first time it is washed, like some cord fabrics.
It has a LOT of body, which has given this skirt a 3D-A-line... which could be a good thing or a bad thing?  I certainly don't need a crinoline underneath (as if!) to get that skater-skirt shape.  But it does mean it looks even shorter than it already is. 

 If I ever have to bend, it will be from the knees, in a neat little curtsey, Your Ladyship.

I promise I will only ever wear it with industrial-thickness opaque tights and hefty underpinnings.

What is that quote from Bridget Jones' Diary, about her skirt being off sick and conspicuously absent from the workplace?  Um, yeah, I suspect this one will be a challenge to my employer.  But I am going to give it a go.  After all, they can only sack me once! ; )

Because despite my age-related anxiety, I really like this skirt.
It is FUN!
It is flippy and a leeettle bit flirty and has a definite sense of humour.
The colour is HAPPY!
The blue buttons add an extra bit of zing and pizzazz.
And don't we all need a bit of zing and pizzazz in our lives?
I do!
And now I have this skirt!

Though goodness knows I don't have many tops that go with it.... aaargh!

In case you were wondering about the digger... FL asked the farmer who planted the fields out with barley to extend the duck pond for us, in part exchange for the use of the land.  (He has other jobs to do... like digging FL's grave.  Oh dear.)

Where once there was a big muddy puddle in the bog, there is now a proper pond with an island in the middle!  It is frozen over at the moment, but the pond is fed by a spring, and the farmer is working on a run-off into the stream at the foot of the valley - blimey!

Exciting times!


Karine said...

Great skirt : shape, fabric, colour, and...the buttons of course ! It's not too short, it's perfect !

Sabs said...

I love it, especially the colour!

GailD said...

It looks fabulous on you. It's not too short at all.

Sadie said...

Lovely skirt - such a wonderfully cheerful colour! And I don't think you need to worry about the length, it looks fab.

Mary in TN said...

Love the color and length of the skirt. Not too short at all.

Jane said...

It's lovely, and not too short.

Your comment on the 3D-A-line shape put me in mind of these that I saw the other day. I'd love a skirt this shape:

Lynne said...

I love it!! The colour is gorgeous, and the pleats are fab. :)

Mela R. said...

What a delicious skirt! I love th color and the hint of school girl vibe it offers in the pleats. I love it!

Donna said...

I love the skirt and I think you look fab in it! It's sassy, in a good way. :)

Juliet said...

You have fantastic legs, and this skirt flaunts them so well! Not too sort at all, and the styling you've done here is so well suited to it!

Gail said...

Super cute! I say, if you've still got the legs, why not? Love that fabric - such a great color!

Scruffybadger said...

Definitely a perfect and inspired creation Roo. I agree, it's zippy, nippy and joyous, and the colour to me is gold with the pop of those adorable blue buttons, as mustard to me speaks of cluedo! Is this skirt an item of delight to you? I get the sense it might be, and I can see why....

Twelfthknit said...

and now I finally have the pattern to go with the shocking pink cord which I have :0)

Marie said...

Roo - you are youthful, fun and you have a smocking hot figure. So you can totally rock this awesome skirt of yours! Alternatively, I'll go on a diet and you can send it to me...I'd love to take it off your hands ;o)

agirlinwinter said...

Love the colour of this skirt. If you have good legs, as you do, then you can wear a cute skirt like this at any age! It looks fantastic on you, so don't worry!

Linda C said...

What a wonderful skirt. I feel happy just looking at it. I know what you mean about the too short skirt feeling-I have one skirt and a dress that I wonder about. I like the bit about the industrial-thickness tights and the hefty underwear, almost what I said about my needs. I don't know about you, but I need to show some leg, being short. Things too wide and too long make me look much heavier than I really am- and older. My husband said, "Go and try on clothes most women your age wear. I don't think they would look good." So, Roo, enjoy looking like you are younger as long as you can. I bet FL secretly enjoys how great you look.


kbenco said...

Your skirt looks terrific. The buttons are just right and the length looks great.

jessica said...

Adore!!! Covet!!! Perfect match of fabric to pattern - and what a nice use of the buttons. So satisfying to see them on such a happy skirt. I think you must be turning some faces GREEN at work with your outfits of late :-). We should have a mustard blog party!

Kirsty said...

I love it. You look super dooper!

Adele said...

The skirt is gorgeous!! and you have great legs so you may as well show them off while you can! some nice wool tights would go well under it and be toasty.. you could even knit some! the colour is to die for! beautiful, well done!

velosewer said...

With those killer legs and being approaching 40, you can were your mustard skirt.
So how many times has FL been sneaking to look at you in your mustard skirt?

LinB said...

Oddly, I did not think the digger was out of place at all. Doesn't everyone have stray bits of earth-moving equipment hanging about the place? Hurray for this finished object! Hurray for lovely fabric that behaves as advertised! Hurray for pleated skirts! I don't think the length is too short at all -- if you were worried about warmth, you'd have worn trousers. Almost anything will go with this old gold/mustard solid. You may surprise yourself, when you start holding up tops and blouses against it.

sophie o. said...

I love the skirt!! both pattern and fabric are great, do wear it!

acharmofmagpies said...

This looks great on you! I've decided to try and disregard age as a factor in appropriateness and just focus on how things make me feel. Look at Zandra Rhodes and Viviennne Westwood. Rocking alternative clothing and pink hair well past the standard date. And there's that blog, advanced style I think, that shows folk with a lot more miles on the clock than you wearing amazing things. Wear it with pride, you look fantastic!