Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I Don't Get Out Much

You must be tired of hearing me complain about my shortage of warm tops. I know I am!
Hopefully, I will soon have the situation under control.
I listened to your advice about print-mixing and knuckled down to some serious ebay-scouring.
The plan was to find fabrics that would mix and match with existing skirts and trousers, with the emphasis on recent makes like the unexpectedly blog-popular mustard mini.  You like it?  Aw - thanks! : )

The two navy prints above are "vintage" Viyella,  a washable wool / cotton mix, both from the same seller.  They have a brushed finish and a horrific attraction to dog hair.  I hoovered, mopped, hoovered again... and still ended up with mutt-fluff all over it when I tried to cut out an Airelle top.  Grrr....

This fabric also has a weird chemical smell which I am blaming on the dye.  I pre-washed it and a lot of colour came out, but it is still smelly.  I think I will have to wash the finished garment again before I wear it.  I hope it doesn't look as faded as that photo suggests!

This is another brushed fabric, but 100% cotton this time.  It absolutely screams "1970's" to me and I am besotted with the print.  So much so, that I can't bring myself to cut it up. Ridiculous behaviour!

I bought it with another Airelle in mind, but as I was ironing it, I suddenly imagined a smock-tastic mini-dress with a purple needlecord collar - ooh!

So I folded it up and put it away, waiting for the right pattern.  Prevarication is my middle name.

And finally, another "Viyella" fabric... allegedly.  But this feels more cotton-like than the navy prints.  It was also quite off-puttingly stained when it arrived.

It was very cheap, but I still felt a little bit cheated to have been fooled into buying something that had been lying around heaven-knows-where gathering dirt for at least the last thirty years, judging by the print.  I washed it immediately, and hung it on the line in a stiff breeze, so it is now refreshed, but still in quarantine.

I have a difficult relationship with second-hand goods, suspecting them of carrying the plague.  This is why I don't buy vintage / thrifted clothes.

This is quite a big piece of fabric and it is whispering Robe Sureau rather insistently... which was definitely NOT the plan!  I need tops, not dresses!

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the outcome of my virtual shopping trip, but it must be so much easier for sew-ists who live near fabric shops / markets.  (Birmingham market shoppers, I am looking at you!)

I really must plan a trip (somewhere, anywhere) in the new year.  I might have sewn this lot up by then!

P.S. Watch this space for more news of the Drafting Top Pattern - it is coming soon... with international shipping options - woo hoo!


Kestrel said...

I'd love to meet up with you again if you come to Glasgow! We can always extend out the invitation to some other sewing bloggers too.

Love that blue and red floral.

Sarahel said...

I never got round to commenting but I too love the mustard cord skirt, well the whole outfit. It's a particularly lovely shade - at least it is on my monitor - and the detail pic of the fabric makes it look so soft and luscious. And you can certainly carry off that length, as easily as you knock a decade off your age.

While I really like the blue fabrics, the middle one is gorgeous. And all would look great with the mustard for starters.

laura said...

I too think the mustard skirt is lovely; I think you are so brave buying fabric without being able to touch it!
I am glad to see sewers dither about like I do with wool--takes me 4EVER to decide what to knit with a particular batch of wool..

maggie-g said...

I don't live particularly near to fabric shops either, and buy from mail order on the internet. Have you tried Ditto Fabrics - dittofabrics.co.uk - they have a good selection of jersey fabrics. Another one I have used is Calico Laine. The good thing about these outlets is that you can get samples!

I agree with you and don't buy vintage or thrifted.

sylkotwist said...

Please don't think your mustard number is too short, it's lovely on you. I am a bit (quite a bit) jealous of your 1970s brown print, yes to a smock, great idea! I can't believe you don't buy vintage clothes, if you are worried you can pop them in a bag in your freezer for 72 hours (apparently) to kill of any plague pests.

Karen S said...

Love the fabrics you bought & especially the 70's looking fabric. Can't wait to see your makes. You know, you can always wash your fabrics with white vinegar. It does a great job of removing smells-especially musty or odors. And if I remember correctly, I think it also sets the dye in fabrics that are bleeding. You could try it with your blue fabrics.

daisydonut said...

Your mustard skirt looks great on you and I love the colour. I'd love to know where you ordered it from as you say it's a nice quality - unfortunately I can't wear mustard, but if it was available in another colour, I'd love to get some.

I'm with you about vintage or thrifted clothing, I hate the musty smell that always seems to linger around it. I've also had some disappointment with purchasing fabric online. A recent purchase of "wool" plaid on eeebbbbay turned out to be fleece with a plaid pattern printed on it which faded after washing. It stunk of cigarettes when it arrived. Yuck. I can use it to make a new cover for Daisy's bed, as long as it doesn't colour her fur :-)

Sabs said...

Aah, go on, do another Sureau. You can justify it by saying that if you make a dress, you don't then need to make a top to go with it!!

Your glaring has given me an idea: why don't a whole bunch of us plan a fabric shopping trip to the rag market and surrounding fabric shops in Brum? (I really don't need any more fabric but I'm just looking for an excuse to go to Barry's again)

starryfishathome said...

I used to sew with viyella back in the 70's, it was lovely stuff. I don't remember ever having a problem with the dye bleeding.
I haven't had many bad experiences with buying fabric on Ebay, most of the stuff has been good.

Roobeedoo said...

DaisyDonut - the cord was from "Our Patterned Hand", Broadway Market, London. They have a website, which is where I bought mine :)

Karen S - vinegar! Of course! Thank you for reminding me!

Sylkotwist - I have only ever bought one vintage dress, to wear to a wedding, and had to buy perfume to take the smell out of my nose. It is lovely but I have never worn it again because of the lingering odour.

rosyragpatch said...

I freeze thrifted stuff for 24 hours (longer usually as I often forget)& then wash using vinegar instead of fabric conditioner - no lingering smells & I haven't had plague yet.
Love your mustard skirt - I don't think it's too short.