Thursday, November 08, 2012

Over Co-MITT-ment

So there I was, thinking I didn't have much sewing or knitting in progress and that the holidays were a million miles away, when suddenly Chris Evans on Radio 2 tells me it is only 6 WEEKS TIL CHRISTMAS!
I'm sorry... what?!  The man can't count!
But, um, yeah, time is creeping on and I need to get my ducks in a row (before I shoot them).

What I still need to knit:
  • One and a quarter Cambium socks:  I was speeding ahead and then ground to halt - why?  One more evening should finish Sock One.

  • Half a Liquorice Twist Glove:  these aren't a gift (I need them too much myself!) BUT I plan to use the leftover yarn to make:
  • Mitts or socks for The Boy.  Now, this is a no-brainer because he has incredibly wide feet, so the obvious thing to do is knit a pair of  Pikes Mitts in worsted weight yarn.  But then I spotted the November Mystery Moody Stockings over at Sock Knitters Anonymous:  a man-friendly pattern that I would really love to knit...  oh dear.

I need a plan.

So this is how it goes:

1 - finish the Liquorice Gloves
2 - knit the Lotus Eater Mitts
3 - finish the Cambium socks

Re-assess:  is it still November?

if YES:  knit the November Mystery socks (and hence eligible for the SKA November challenge)
if NO:  knit Pikes Mitts

Sorted!  : )

And to fuel all this knitting, let's all eat Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies from my latest library book find:  Peyton and Byrne's British Baking...  though I am disgruntled to report  that a rogue hazelnut broke my food processor when it got stuck under the blade and fused the motor.  Mutter mutter mutter.

Nice biscuits nevertheless!


Donna said...

Panic setting in! I never get everything done that I want to for Christmas. I think I should work on gifts year-round, that may be the only way...

Minnado said...

Love those gloves - I am trying to stay calm about christmas gifts and block out the "only x no of weeks". I am hoping to sew some baby trousers as a gift and finish a scarf. See, nothing too ambitious here :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can hardly believe that Christmas is so close... I'm so tempted to re-learn knitting, but I certainly will not have time to accomplish much.

One first the title of this posting surprised me. The U.S. media is so covered in post-election assessments, I thought the title was a clever political reflection! (Time for me to clear politics out of my head and search for grandma's needles...)


jessica said...

I think that sounds like an eminently doable plan. And you have a plan!

Those gloves really are too delicious to let go. Digging the color combination you chose.

Mary in TN said...

Sounds like a plan! Wish I was as organized. Gloves are awesome! The chocolate and hazelnut cookies sound delish too. And now you have a reason to scout out a new food processor too. I was looking at the chips on mine the other day and thinking about adding it to the Christmas wish list.

Maureen said...

I think we're following each other around on the Shire library system as I had that book out a couple of months back :-)
The teacakes look awesome...more so that the ones on GBBO!

Joanne said...

I have made those biscuits TWICE and in fact have half a lunchbox full of 'em right now, nom nom nom. Great minds think alike. Try their lemon drizzle and victoria sponge recipes - also winners despite being sinners. Nice gloves too!