Friday, November 16, 2012

Radioactive Raspberry Jam

It has been a long long week!
I put my mind to Christmas shopping and can report that I am almost done - all without leaving my chair!  And I bought next year's diary!  Truly, I am cooking on the front burner!

Seasonal knitting continues apace.

I finished my Liquorice Twist Gloves.

The left hand is less satisfactory than the right because the twist goes in the opposite direction and is curtailed by the thumb.

Me or the pattern?  I'm not sure.  I got confused.

I thought about trying to alter the pattern to prevent this, but my brain failed me so I knit as I think it was writ and will live with the consequences.

Sock Two of Cambium has a similar design feature - but why anyone would require the rib to twist in the opposite direction on the second sock when all other aspects of the sock remain identical, I cannot fathom.
Being an obedent knitter I tortured myself with 16 rows of through-the-back-loop twists.  SO glad that is over!  But the sock has not progressed much since then, so nothing much to show you.

As planned, I moved straight on to the Opium Eater Mitts - looking good so far.

But... today sees the launch of Stephen West's first Choreo-Kal pattern, the Geysir Stretch Shawl.  I have spent the week agonising over yarn choices.  It requires three colours of double-knitting yarn.  My stash contains two skeins of DK that look lovely together, but I am loathe to sacrifice them to this project when I reckon they are destined to sing solo on something more textural - maybe the forthcoming Choreo-Kal slouchy hat?

Geysir Stretch shawl
So I scoured the interwebs for appealing trio combinations of yarn.  I fell in love with some plant-dyed organic worsted local wool from the States, but the total price scared me, especially with the added risk of a Customs charge.  And it's not "local" if you live thousands of miles away!  So I ditched that plan.

Then I hit upon the concept of drapey, silky Wensleydale longwool and succumbed to a single skein of hand-dyed-in the-UK (from Countess Ablaze) in the shy and retiring colourway "Radioactive Raspberry Jam".  Uh huh.  I plan to combine this with cheaper commercially-dyed longwool in teal and aubergine and possibly black (to make up the yardage via subtle narrow stripes).

If anyone doubts my sanity, may I refer them to my matching trousers.

This week's photo challenge in the Choreo-Kal was to "do the K" (form the shape of a K with your body, or chocolates, or balls of yarn, or...) and this picture is not far off.  I can count it as both my colour inspiration AND my choreographic contribution - yay! ; )


Kirsty said...

I love those gloves. They are so fantastic.

Gail said...

"Shy and retiring colorway" - you crack me up! That's going to be a great color combo for the shawl!

LinB said...

I agree with your question about why the opposite sock has to have opposite twists: you may not always wear the "left" sock on the left foot, or vice versa. I like my socks to be either wildly mismatched, or so identical, that it matters not which sock goes on the end of which leg. I think your gloves are so fabulous that you can happily think of the mismatch as a design decision, and tell all the world "I meant to do that." How virtuous you must feel, with Christmas makings nearly done!

acharmofmagpies said...

That radioactive raspberry jam is beautiful! It's one of my favourite colours though. Which reminds me, I never said so at the time but I love love love those trousers!

Linda C said...

I am jealous - your present shopping almost done. I still owe two birthday present from the fall. I do have 2 or 3 books, but that is all. Ideas for a couple of movies for one, Maybe a Lego set for another. One will be very happy with a gift of paper, markers, tape, stapler, etc> - maybe drawing paper too, from the office supply store.

Tomorrow I'm going to a bazaar put on by my club, worthy cause of scholarship for deserving girls here and abroad. I usually find some good present there - nice bargains too. Of course, I also find lots I like too. Temptation to buy ME lots of presents.

Love the beautiful socks. WIll the shawl b e for you to go with those beautiful pants. Love that color.


Mary in TN said...

You're so organized and way ahead of me on the Christmas shopping. Love that raspberry colorway...and it exactly matches your trousers! Awesome!