Friday, November 23, 2012

Rounding Up My Sheep

Since I started sewing Deer and Doe patterns, and reading more French blogs, I have come across some wonderful expressions.  This week's favorite?  "Revenons a nos moutons", which translates as something like: "Let's return to our sheep" i.e. get back to the original subject. Rejoining the herd maybe? Fab expression!
And as always, explaining why something is funny takes the shine off... um...where was I?

My Drafting Top Pattern and fabric arrived from Jill and I am itching to get it cut and sewn and worn.  I chose the dark grey fabric and can report it feels gorgeous!  I do hope I don't botch it up!  I am looking forward to seeing others appear across the web - do let me know if you make one (or two!).
Darkness at noon meant flash photography - sorry!

I am knitting away happily at my Choreo KAL Geysir Stretch shawl.  I love the colours and the fluffiness of the Wensleydale Longwool, but boy oh boy these rows are getting long!  I added extra repeats to make up for having thinner yarn.  I might have to add a second extension cable to my circular needles.  Gulp.

Socks?  What socks?  I haven't touched my Cambium Socks all week.  This is not good news for the Christmas gift list.

Same story on my Lotus Eater Mitts.  I called them my Opium Eaters last time I wrote - I think I like that name better!

This Friday's new Choreo KAL project is a slouchy hat, Aurora Expanse. The sneak peek shows a lovely textured stitch pattern using gradient-dyed yarn - mmm!
Aurora Expanse inspiration photo from Stephen West
I got totally distracted looking for the ideal yarn on the web.  
I found a farm with the utterly fabulous name "Gawmless End" that sells self-striping natural Jacob sheep's wool, professionally spun so that the natural colours of the fleece blend through various shades of grey - look at this stuff!
Just wow!!
Imagine a great big cabled hoodie  - ooh!
Picture taken from Gawmless End website
But I should not buy more yarn.  Especially not for an extra-curricular hat!  So I dived into the the stash and pulled out some very Aurora-esque yarn.  It is Posh Yarn Daisy in the colourway "Lost Boys".  The Ravelry database claims this is fingering-weight but it seems heavier to me. I reckon it will pass for sportweight.  It isn't a gradient dye, but the colour shifts from green through charcoal to purple and it has a beautiful sheen.

Posh Yarn in Lost Boys:  I have 1 skein of this
I am trying hard to use the yarn I already have before buying more, but I do love the thrill of the chase, imagining all the different possibilities for a pattern.

And then... on Wednesday, I noticed that a free "bonus" pattern from Stephen West had sneaked into my Ravelry library.  It is for a simple but mad hat:  Pom Pom It.  The actual pattern is still under wraps but I spotted it in one of the Choreo KAL videos and developed a severe case of the wanties.  The perfect shade of squishy red ribbing with a little bit of grey marl tweed contrast and a walloping great pom pom?  Woo hoo!
And do I have suitable yarn in the stash?  Um... yes and no.  I could cobble together something that looked kind of similar, using some fairly vile red Rowan Cork... but it wouldn't feel like the original.  It's made of Malabrigo and Blackstone Tweed, people!  Two of my favourite yarns ever!  I am thinking that maybe my mother's Christmas cheque will be funding a seasonal yarn indulgence.  Not furry slippers.  Sorry mum! ; )

OK, that's the sheep back in their pen.  I'm off to knit.  And sew.

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Donna said...

That is a hilarious expression; but I like your anglicised version "that's the sheep back in their pen." :)

Sew little time said...

i have a couple of great french phrases to contribute. "j'ai d'autres chats a fouetter" means i have other fish to fry (literally other cats to whip! not sure what the cats did to deserve this - or the fish for that matter!).

And "novoteliser le foyer" means to treat your house like a hotel - novotel being a famous french hotel chain of course!

Roobeedoo said...

Sew Little Time - those are fantastic! I need to start a collection! :)

velosewer said...

That's such a great expression. I'll use it on my husband.

Scruffybadger said...

Lovely post to read to start the weekend...brought a smile to my face. I'm away, but have a weekend hat with me to knit, so hope to bring it out at some point....and my drafting tops arrived too Same as yours I think. I am v frustrated in that aspect, it's at home, with my sewing machine, I'm not !! Look forward to seeing yours....

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Self striping Jacob, be still my beating heart ... it's your fault if I buy some you know ;)

christinelaennec said...

Very funny post, and I love "novoteliser le foyer"!

Anonymous said...

I have a wonderful little volume entitled Idiom's Delight, by Suzanne Brock, published in the US back in 1988. "Fascinating phrases and linguistic eccentricities in Spanish, French, Italian and Latin" as the cover blurb says. I won't tie up your comments form with quoting all my favorites; I do hope you can find the book somewhere.
-- stashdragon