Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Toe Short of Christmas

Last night, The Girl had a dinner appointment in the city with her former schoolmates, so I drove her to the market town to catch the train with them.  On the way there, we noticed a steady outflow of water coming through the garden wall at the gamekeeper's house and the road was a few inches deep with water.  By the time I returned, maybe 40 minutes later, there was a raging torrent.  The road was like a river, over a foot deep, and the gamekeeper and his neighbour were up on the bank opposite the row of cottages with torches, obviously trying to decide what to do.  I managed to drive through... just.  I texted The Girl to get off the train a stop early on her way home, so that I didn't have to drive that way again.  There was flooding in the other direction too, but not as deep or as frightening.  I have worried about the cottagers all night.
As it is, my own bedroom floor is awash.  The rain is pouring through the gable walls as if our expensive building work had never happened.  But I constructed a dam of newspaper, sponges and old towels, and it held overnight.  This morning, we retrieved our old newspapers from the recycling bin at the end of the road in preparation for yet another day of rain.
During a brief spell of daylight, FL and I went down to survey his pond.  Pretty impressive!
This is our new waterfall, coming into the farm off the main road. 
So. Much. Rain.
We got back to the house just before the clouds burst again.
I am just one toe short of Christmas.
Time to knit.


Katy said...

Oh no. I always feel for victims of horrible flooding. I hope it doesn't get worse. Just before Christmas as well. Stay safe!

Dichohecho said...

Bleurgh. I hope your newspaper dams are sturdy. Merry Christmas!

velosewer said...

Stay safe. Nature is really powerful and flooding is one of those reminders.
Here, nature shows it's power through our summer heat waves and subsequent bush fires.
Stay safe this Christmas.

superheidi said...

ooooh dear, wishing you a dry christmas!

Sarah Rooftops said...

Oh no! I hope you have a great Christmas regardless, but what a thing to have to deal with at any time of year!

Anonymous said...

dear roo,

i hope you and fl stay safe. i am sorry for such a deluge that decided not only to alter the landscape but also decided to find it's way into your room. the nerve! just do be careful. we love you, and we NEED you!

warm (and dry) hugs,

karen, TC

Mary in TN said...

Oh no! Hope the newspaper dams hold and the rain slacks off. Don't know about you, but it just does not feel Christmas-y to me when it rains rather than snows.

jessica said...

Yikes! Stay dry!

Valerie said...

I'd heard that much of the UK was experiencing flooding. I'm sorry it came in under your door! I hope you have a drier Christmas.