Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Deck the Halls With Malabrigo

...tra la la la la, la la la laaaah!

A final post about this year's Christmas knits.
First up, my blatant copy of Stephen West's Pom Pom It hat, except I used Ravelry Red rather than  Sealing Wax red Malabrigo Twist.  This was my Christmas Eve hospital knitting.

So soft, so warm, so much androgynous fun!
I made the Pom Pom on Christmas Day while munching Finnish buns.
OMG Finnish buns!?!  You want the recipe don't you?  It is here.

But what's this?  I haven't seen you knitting that shawl, Roo ?
That's because I didn't.  This gorgeous golden piece of confectionery was a Christmas gift from my dear friend Christine.  Isn't it beautiful? 
Hang on, I'll put down my hat...  look!

 It is knitted from Malabrigo sock and it is the most wonderfully drapey shawl I own!  MMMMMalabrigo!  I can't tell you what the pattern is, because Christine is sneaky and hasn't added the project to Ravelry yet.  I need to take blocking lessons from  Christine - this emerged from its parcel looking like a knitty film-star ; )
How is this for drape?  Just wow!  Thank you, Christine!

And finally...
I finished the Cambium Socks for The Girl.  They are far from photogenic.  But they are black, thick and lacey.  You can't see in this picture (or any other I can take), but the pattern is an absurd twisted rope-like cable with dropped stitches in between the columns.
This pattern was horrible to knit - my tension was all over the place and the finished socks are rather wide and baggy.  But they will help keep The Girl's over-sized creeper shoes on.  And, as I said, they are BLACK.  (Socks That Rock in Shadow, if you are interested.)
So there you have it - the last of the Christmas knits. 
Ooh - what shall I knit next?  Better finish off the WIPs first... I wonder if I can do that before New Year?


didyoumakethat said...

I LOVE your pom pom hat. May have to copy that - I need something cosy for walking Ella at the crack of dawn. What a wonderful gift that shawl is - lucky you! You look as though you've had a wonderful Christmas, which you fully deserve. (Can't wait to hear about the Christmas Day meal!!)

christinelaennec said...

Blush! I'm so glad you like the shawl, Roo. That golden yellow sang out to me - "this is what Roobeedoo needs in the winter!"

The pattern is Holden Shawlette. I am SO sneaky that I happened to notice you had it in your Ravelry queue and was hoping you wouldn't mind if I knit it for you!

And as for blocking, my secret weapons are: lots of quilting pins, straight into the clean carpet, measure to make things match up more or less, exclude the cat, spray with a misting bottle, and dry overnight.

My husband, by the way, says you're hilarious. Which the rest of us already knew.

Great hat, too! And thank you for my beautiful, beautiful mitts.

Judith said...

Love the warmth that both the hat and shawl give off - hand knitted garments always just have that extra 'something-else' to them when worn...J..

Valerie said...

I am so impressed with both you and your sneaky knitting friend..gorgeous knitting both!

Lynne said...

Your pom-pom hat is fantastic!! And your shawl is beautiful, what a lovely present. :)

Mary in TN said...

Your hat is great! My husband and I love your blog. He took one look at the photo and said he wants to cast on for one right away. We both loved the beautiful shawl too. I ordered the book with cambium socks after reading your earlier posts, but might try a different pattern now. There are so many pretty ones in the book. Thanks for the book recommendation.

Alessa said...

Oh, what a beautiful shawl! And beautiful socks! And a beautiful pompom, too. :)

shivani said...

I love your pompom hat! I might have to make one for myself! and what a lovely shawl - perfect colour!
And I'm definitely trying socks next year - I spend too much time looking at yours (which sounds weird, but there you go).

acharmofmagpies said...

What a great set of knitted treats! Lovely. The colour of your shawl is amazing on you too!