Monday, December 03, 2012

FO: Aurora Expanse hat (Choreo KAL Project)

Apologies for doggy jumper!

Hot off the needles, my second Choreo KAL project:  the Aurora Expanse hat.

I am a great fan of slouchy hats.  If you have long-ish hair you can stuff it into the "bag" on a wet day and arrive at work looking flat but not frizzy.  In my world, that is a good thing.

My favourite hat of all time is Gudrun Johnston's Norie.  I have knitted that pattern three times and I wear one of them most days to walk the dog / go to work / hit the road.

This pattern is a little more tailored.  The brim is a double-thickness band of stockingette, folded back on itself by knitting together the provisional cast-on with the live row of  stitches.  The result is surprisingly stretchy and neat.

My chosen yarn (Posh Yarn Daisy) is described as sock-weight but I found it to be nearer to a sportweight.  Maybe it's the bamboo that gives that impression of volume.  It is wonderfully soft and drapey with a slight sheen.  There is a zig-zaggy stitch pattern which adds both texture and shape.  The colour shifts of my yarn obscure this pattern but I think they complement each other to suggest the Northern Lights, as seen in Stephen West's inspiration photo.

My final measurements are smaller than the original due to the finer yarn used, but it has plenty of "give".  So although at rest the band measures only 17 inches, it comfortably stretches to 24 inches without looking "pulled".  From crown to bottom edge it measures 10 inches, which is just right for an elegant level of slouch.  If a slouch can ever be elegant!

Pattern:  Aurora Expanse by Stephen West
Yarn:  Posh Yarn Daisy, 80% merino 20% bamboo in the colour "Lost Boys"
Needles: 3.75mm dpns
Process:  Knit as writ.  No problems.

Verdict?  Fun, soothing, satisfying knitting and the final product is what I expected.  Lovely!

I am opting out of the third Choreo KAL project (legwarmers) to catch up on my Christmas knitting.  But I am keen to join in for the 4th and final project, which is a great big cuddly wrap, Glacier Sweep.
And I am definitely making a Pom Pom It hat (a free bonus pattern) as a seasonal gift from me to me : )


acharmofmagpies said...

Ooooh I love the colours in that hat! What a lovely combination. And definitely evocative of the Northern Lights.

LinB said...

Yay! Finished Object! I adore how slouchy hats look on other folk, but find that such items are quickly dubbed Hat of Shame by my husband (punishment to our toddler was to make her wear the Hat of Shame, which was whatever ridiculous thing my mother had picked up at a flea market and given to me as ... as ... I don't know why she bought up whole tables full of old hats for me. And still does.) You have a slouchy hat head, and make this lovely greeny-blue hat look elegant. This sounds like it was an interesting make. I trust it will never, never become a Hat of Shame.

Donna said...

Love the new hat!!

MrsAlex said...

Love the colours and the way they move in the pattern you chose!

shivani said...

ooo this is really lovely! I love this style of hat - really suits you, and the colours are wonderful!

Lynne said...

What a great hat! I love the colours, and the fact that it comes down well over the ears, but still has lots of room at the top. Cold ears are not fun!!

Mary in TN said...

What a lovely hat Roo! Looks nice and toasty.

christinelaennec said...

Beautiful, and you are beautiful in it! I love the aurora borealis colours.

Law said...

Love this hat!

I've just learn't to knit and would love to make a slouchy hat. Is this pattern ok for newbies do you think?

Roobeedoo said...

Hi Law - the only tricky bit is the provisional cast-on, but there are lots of good you-tube videos to help!