Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jacket shoes hair... but not today!

"Sometimes I have this desire, this strange desire, for somebody to really tell me, beyond argument and without mercy, exactly what they know about what I am, to ridicule my clothes, to tear apart my tastes, my pretensions, my sentimentality, to take me by the collar and lay it on the line.  I want to burn with that truth.  It's an idle, narcissistic daydream I have."
Gwendoline Riley, Cold Water (p.54)

My first lino print - this year's Christmas cards
Your comments on my recent posts have been amazing!  If you haven't gone back to see what others have written in response to The Image of A Working Woman, I advise you do so now:  so many wise and wonderful words!  And how heartening to find that I am not alone in my quandary!  This explains the popularity of tv programmes like "What Not to Wear" - which I admit to lapping up while simultaneously scoffing, back in the day.

An anonymous commenter really struck a chord when she wrote:

"...really it's just about dialling down some aspects and dialling up other aspects of behaviour not about behaving in unacceptable or unethical ways - a complete personality change is not sustainable, let alone not recommended."

She goes on to say:

"And I second the note about keeping shoes at work - it's how I manage the long walk."

Thank you to everyone who suggested this - what a simple solution to mud!

"Finally, I think the bright scarf with smart dark suit look is really, really aging (and boring). I see a lot of women do it in an attempt to look office appropriate whilst also expressing personality - but it seems to strike in the later 40s and early 50s and it becomes its own uniform whilst also being pigeonholed to a specific age bracket..."

And that is my biggest fear, right there!

Valerie consulted her daughter: "She said three things: Jacket, shoes, hair."
And that sounds like a pretty good focus to start with.

But not today.  Today is all about Christmas preparations.  I finally got round to making cards and posted them at the airport while picking up The Girl.  The Boy arrives today.

Second lino cut experiment - today I will try printing it :)

Someone (male, young, fit) will be sent up the hill tomorrow with a saw to cut the traditional Christmas Branch.  And then there will be decorating and festive baking and no work to worry about until January - woo hoo!


Lucy said...

Jacket, shoes and hair are the three things which terrify me, and might explain why I fear the corporate so much. The first two are major fit/ availability issues, and the third is a genetics issue. Aaargh!

I hate to sound ranty, but guys have it SO MUCH EASIER.

Gail said...

Ooooh! Beautiful print!

Madelaine said...

Great print! Can't wait to see how your second one comes out :)

Lino's my relief block material of choice, and I'm a home printer these days too (presses being things I didn't realize I was going to miss about school...). Anyways, if you get stuck at all I'd be happy to help if I can.

Have a great holiday, Roo!

Judith said...

Jacket, Shoes, Hair! So true, yet so simple to say...but each involves major decisions. Makes me glad I am a teacher and not a 'Corporate Gal' after all. Love the look, but not sure if I could pull it off successfully.
The card prints look brilliant - you are very multi-talented!
Enjoy your tree decorating with the family all home.
Merry Christmas from Down Under...J

LinB said...

Merry Christmas! I recognized your house at once in the lino print, from the photos you've posted recently. What a lovely thought for making Christmas cards.

superheidi said...

Loved reading that extensive work wear post with all the comments. Most have been said. I think you'll figure it out, you're a smart woman. Enjoy the holidays!

Minnado said...

Oooh, love the print. I used to do lino printing and still have the tools stashed away somewhere. I think it is such a satisfying print method. I am going backwards reading and catching up on your posts. x

rosyragpatch said...

Fab lino print! What a lovely Christmas card it is.
I've just caught up with your earlier posts about clothes & image. Jacket, shoes and hair sound like god ideas to me. Maybe the Sureau dress could be made a few times in professional type fabrics?

indigorchid said...

I really enjoyed your workwear post, and of course all the comments - in fact, the same one you quoted about dialling up certain aspects, but not changing your personality really struck a chord with me when I read it! Very well put. I'm on a similar quest - looking forward to seeing how we'll both do in our workwear sewing/investing!

Lynne said...

Your christmas card is beautiful. I envy your lino-printing skills. I have bad memories of it from art class in school - a girl in my class ended up in A&E because she cut her hand with the scooper blade thingy!

acharmofmagpies said...

I can't believe you MADE that lino print! Incredible!