Friday, January 18, 2013

Knitting ADHD

I still have not stopped hyperventilating over Learn to Knit Love to Knit.
See these little cardigans?  Double-knitting, mostly stocking stitch... but look at those lovely stitch details at the raglan edges and down the sleeves!

If I had any double-knitting yarn in the house I would have cast on already.  But I don't.  Oops.  I may have to change that situation soon.

That is the practical option for "which Big Thing to knit next".

Here is the wild one:

Tartan!  Knitted tartan!
OK, quite a lot of my obsession with this garment is being skewed by the gorgeousness of the model.  If I had that eyeliner and that lipstick and perfect black Audrey Hepburn hair and brown eyes I would look exactly like her in that sweater!  Err... no.

But imagine the fun I would have knitting it!  The hours spent with colourcharts before I even managed to match or substitute all those shades of wool!  The original is a mix of  J&S and JC Rennie shetland wools.  So naturally I am thinking of using Alba Yarn.

Now I feel quite deflated.

Here is what I have been knitting:  the first Glasgow School Mitt.
The top picture is a truer colour.
Mitt 2 is in progress.


Where the nodding violets grow said...

I ordered the book after your review and am really pleased with it. I had been thinking about it because I liked the striped jumper but you gave me the final shove that I needed. I love the cardigan too.

I am sorry to hear about the Wool Shed (although I couldn't find anything on the website). I get my Albayarn from them. It must be even worse if you are local to them.

Lorna A said...

So Roo, why can't you have a change of career direction? What is stopping you being self-employed? A 2000 word essay by Monday please. ;-)

Seriously though, I LOVE that tartan knitting. The top would do nothing for my figure, but I could see the tartan pattern being used for a retro Bay City Rollers mini-skirt. :-)

Donna said...

Oh no, sad to see another local store have to close!

Punkmik said...

ooo that book looks great! thanks for sharing! love the new fingerless gloves too! very pretty yarn!

Emma said...

The mitt looks fantastic. Must make a pair of those...
Knit the tartan for the fun of it. It's allowed, you know.
I really hope the Wool Shed doesn't close. I love Albayarn.

Anonymous said...

OOh, I choose wild over practical! Besides, look at the chic shaping of that tartan faux-waistcoat-pullover thingy. I want that book more than ever. Must lobby my local library to get it!
-- stashdragon

Mary in TN said...

Sooo sorry about the Toast jacket. Love the sweater, but don't know how anything made in China would fit the definition of ethical. Really love the fab sparrows fabric and can't wait to see what you do with it. Looked at the Wool Shed but did not see a closing notice. Always hate to see when LYS close down. Could be a second career?

Pam said...

Sorry to hear about the jacket; do like the cardigan, although I agree that China and 'ethical' don't seem to go hand-in-hand! I'm sure a Ravelry search would come up with a similar cardigan :-)

I can't see anything on the Woolshed website about it closing down... have they had a change of heart?

acharmofmagpies said...

"Don't even think about it Roo" she says. From the person who demonstrated knitting as her passion. You might not do it, but you should definitely at latest think about it!

Love the dk cardis, might have to borrow the book off a friend!