Wednesday, February 20, 2013

At Peace in The Heart of Winter

You will have noticed the lack of sewing around these parts recently.

The funny thing is, it hasn't been a problem, because I am currently at peace with my wardrobe.  I haven't been feeling a great yawning gap that needed to be filled, and although I have fabrics in the stash that I am looking forward to sewing, I just can't imagine wearing any of those planned garments.  It has just been too cold.

FL and I were discussing it the other day:  there has been so much wind and rain and snow and darkness that we feel like we are living through an endless winter with no sign of spring.  But it must be coming, right?  There's a little more daylight every day. 

Weather approaching at 8am
But back to that peaceful wardrobe...

I thought you might be interested to know what I have been wearing to work.
Jackets, shoes, hair?  Nope.  Not even slightly.

I have kept a note of my daily outfits over the past few weeks and they have been built around the following:
Airelle (pre-shrinking!) and cord skirt (short enough, thanks!)
Skirts:  (4) Tweedy Kelly, gold cord mini, teal wool Ginger, rockabilly rose.  That gold mini has been a surprising success, despite initial fears it was too short!

Tops:  (7) Pheasant Airelle, 70's Airelle, stripey renfrew, spotty renfrew, sparrow renfrew, 2 plain old rtw long sleeved t's in rust and aubergine.  Though... my pheasant Airelle shrank in the 30 degree wash!  I am gutted.  I can only just squeeze it on and the collar is warped.  SOB!

Woolies: (4) Navy cardi, Seasalt cardi, Bettie's pullover, Betty Jean McNeil
Dress:  (1) my Velvet Bird pumpkin plaid mini, layered up with long sleeved t underneath and cardi on top.  I wear this combination once a week without fail.

Velvet Bird dress and l-sleeve t
Trousers?  Nope.  I have been too much in love with my woolly tights and tweeds.  (I wear my jeans and multiple top layers in the house, but we're talking about workwear.)

On the one day I wore trousers to work recently, I discovered I was due to "present" to a Committee. (I have now learned my lesson and will be checking my diary the night before!)  I felt like such a scruff-ball, and although I initially blamed it on the stripey Renfrew and baggy cardigan I was also wearing, somehow these look smart enough with a skirt. But not with trousers? Even though the trousers (my grey Portfolio pants) are fairly tailored-looking?  Curious. 

Another regular combination
The good news is that I seem to have created a seasonal capsule wardrobe without really planning it.  Almost everything goes with almost everything else.  I can mix up those 16 items in multiple combinations.  I have scarves and woolly shawls in complementary and matching colours.  I have a few bits and pieces of smart or quirky jewellery that "work" with my outfits.  I even have shoe options:  my cowboy boots or my black ankle boots.  (And yes, I started polishing them!) 

Just another blurry day at the office
Blimey, I sound smug, don't I?

But thank goodness for that!  I "made it work" and it has got me through the winter without a single episode of  "OMG I have nothing to wear!".  OK, I might not have looked like Ms Career Woman 2013, but I have been warm, comfortable and... at peace.

Being "at peace" is FL's wish for me.  If ever I am upset, he tries to hypnotise me into a state of serenity by stroking my forehead and murmuring "be at peace".  And unless it's him I'm mad at... it works!

Now all I have to do is carry this through into spring, summer, autumn...  What are the chances?!


Mary in TN said...

What a nice wardrobe you have created! Too bad about the pheasant Airelle shrinking. Have you tried soaking it in lukewarm water and then stretching it out and drying it flat? I've had some success with that method when I have shrunk knitted woolens before. Luv the before-the-storm photo. I can almost feel the wind and storm rushing in. We are waiting here for a winter blast but I am sure we won't get any snow to speak of. It's been one of those kind of winters so far.

Scruffybadger said...

Oh no, shrinkage of such a wardrobe fave!!
But it's funny what you've been saying about ' not needing' anything to drive frantic sewing. I've been feeling a bit the same and pleadged to slow down and be less manic in my making, thinking, 'actually I've got enough!' Wow, what a watershed!
Yours too reflects your personality and is wonderfully colourful and stylish. Having the shawls clearly is a gap for me! But knitting is not reaching great heights of achievement ( must be that the only tv watching I do is subtitled!!)

velosewer said...

You're doing really well. FL is on the right track and you have a great collection.

Lucy said...

"Be at peace."

How lovely.

Anonymous said...

Love it when a wardrobe comes together! :)

Ahhhhh! Peaceful wardrobe, indeed!


rosyragpatch said...

It's been one of those grim winters here too; I can hardly wait for spring.
I love your winter wardrobe - so satisfying when everything comes together like that. What a shame your top shrank. Hope Mary's remedy works for you.

Sadie said...

I think all of those look fabulous (but what a shame about the pheasant blouse!). Much better to wear things you're happy in than what you think you ought to be wearing.

sylkotwist said...

What an impressive collection of lovely home-made garments. You have a definite 'Roo style' and it's perfect.

Mary said...

Great wardrobe, hoping the MM settles down here enough that I can begin sewing again. Just purchased my first ever dress form. And to Mary in Tennessee, we in Missouri got your winter today. Ice in fact, and I am not a fan.

Anonymous said...

" At peace with my wardrobe" - what a great phrase !!! ( and how hard to achieve!)

You have achieved a great personal style.


Donna said...

Oh, that's so sweet of him! I think I would feel instantly more peaceful. Unless, like you said, I was mad at *him*! :)

Sandy said...

How much love in that phrase from FL... someday I am going to be that fortunate, to have such a love connection.

As for the wardrobe, I live vicariously with yours...mine is strictly bluejeans and jersey tops with fleece sweater-jackets and woolly socks - still doesn't get above 46 F here now.

acharmofmagpies said...

A lovely capsule wardrobe and a lovely feeling. I hope you continue to enjoy both.