Saturday, February 09, 2013

We Came We Saw We Ate Cake... and an FO

Today I arranged to meet my dear friend Christine in the city, for a couple of hours of coffee, cake and knit-talk.
I haven't been into Aberdeen since the summer, when The Girl and I scoured the charity shops for a Little Black Dress and pressed our noses against the glass of the windows of Dulcia, staring like starving urchins at the cake display within.  We didn't indulge that day, and ever since, I have been hankering to return.  Today was that day!

And oh me oh my, I was not disappointed!  I was very controlled and began my lunch with a super-fresh salad of avocado, feta and grapefruit.  Seriously good.  And then came the cake... a giant chocolate muffin which actually tasted of real rich dark chocolate instead of fag-ends (Tesco, I am looking at you!) and the best coffee I have had in years.

But Christine's cake took the biscuit (as it were!).
She chose a cupcake from the amazing selection above.
I believe the strawberry made it healthy ; )

Christine's splendid knitting and matching cupcake!
We talked knitting and families, and knitting some more.  I consulted her on the colours for my Kvosin hat, as she is far more experienced with fair-isle than me.  Now I know where I was going wrong - hooray!  This swatch is the muddy "before" version.  You'll have to wait for "after"!

We popped into Wool For Ewe, the city's yarn shop.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I will definitely be back!  I escaped with a pair of KnitPro Spectra points and a 100cm cable, ready for my Kex Blanket, and buttons for my Shalder.  Buttons for my Shalder!!!  Have you any idea how long I have been searching for something suitable?  Not even Duttons in York could help me, but Wool For Ewe had exactly the right thing.

All too soon, it was time for my train home, clutching some unexpected gifts from Christine, who is in clutter-clearance mode in preparation for a move to Glasgow.  Sob!  But I can't complain about 4 new-to-me back issues of The Knitter and a fab fab fab vintage pattern-drafting book which I will show you another day. Oh - and a lime green Herdy key-fob to match my mug - hee hee hee!
Christine - thank you again!
I will leave you with a picture of my new socks.
This is another pair of Stripes Alive! in Online Supersocke 100 Paradise Color.
Most of the first sock was knitted during my excursion to York.
Sock Two was the work of a week of evenings.
I love the almost-neon yellow stripes in this colourway :D
How could anyone feel low with such happy socks on their feet and such a good friend?  Woo hoo!


Debi said...

Love the new socks! Those cupcakes look so yummy...a few places for me to visit in Aberdeen!

Kestrel said...

Love the socks! They are exceptionally cheerful.

Sarahel said...

That's cheered me up second hand so it must have been a great outing at first hand.

Sabs said...

The strawberry DEFINITELY makes it healthy! Glad you got the chance to have some fun and cheer yourself up x

Judith said...

Days spent like this is exactly what we all need - a little R&R with knitting included ...J

Donna said...

The swatch looks promising - love the socks!

Mary in TN said...

Love the socks and the cupcakes look delish.

christinelaennec said...

It was a great escape! Thanks so much for making the trip into the city to meet up. I came home all excited and happy - and it wasn't just a sugar high! We must definitely pay Dulcia and Wool for Ewe another visit this spring.

Your socks are beautiful!

Lynne said...

Sounds like a great day, and your socks look fab!

Lorna A said...

Never mind the knitting, I want CAKE!

I do like your choice of colours for the fair isle. x

Lizzi said...

I love the way Christine's knitting matched her cake. Like goes to like. What a lovely day. Spending time with good friends is very energising.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just catching up here ... love the socks! And I couldn't agree more with your blanket sentiments in your last post, in fact you have confirmed for me that I'm right to give up my recent (just the last few days) dalliance with crochet and get back to the proper job of knitting ... I have a Leaves of Grass to cast on but now I'm wondering what kind of blanket my lovely grey wool might make instead :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, read every post!
And a question: I really like the first photo of the cupcakes. I am collecting photos to make into postcards. Would you mind if I made this photo into a postcard? I would mention that it came from your blog so you would get the credit for it.
Janet in Forest knolls

acharmofmagpies said...

I'm not sure which looks tastier, the cupcakes or the socks!

Colleen said...

Roobeedoo, I know I should post a comment down a little further because this is about tweed yardage but I'm never sure if people check the comments on their less recent post. I just saw these on a yarn group I'm subscribed to and I see that the seller is in Scotland. It seems that she has a lot of what you're looking for in terms of the tweedy blanket!

Roobeedoo said...

Janet in Forest Knolls - Why not take your own photo of cupcakes? No offence intennded, but the photo is not yours to use, and the cupcakes were not mine in the first place.

Colleen - thanks for this link! :)

Anonymous said...

OK. Thanks for answering. No offence intended from this end, either. I hope you realize that. I asked to see if you minded, and you do, so I won't use it. A great photo!

Janet in Forest Knolls

jessica said...

Ooooh! Beautiful cupcakes, looks like a fantastic outing. And I like the look of those socks! I might just be using your Ravelry page as sock inspiration ;-). Just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

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