Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FO: Betula (Silver Birch) socks

 I finished my Betula socks last night.
Yes, I ripped them back to correct the mistake,because my perfectionist streak (the violet one) demanded it!
 If you look closely, you will see they are designed to be different on each leg.
On one leg, the sets of three "buds" form an upward V and on the other, a downward... um... upside down V.
It is a quirky detail which is either clever or discombobulating, depending on your personality.

If these were for me, I think I would have both sets of arrows pointing the same way.
But they are not.  They are for the gifting pile - hooray!
Pattern:  Betula by Rachel Coopey, from Knit Now magazine Issue 7, but now available to buy through Ravelry.
Yarn:  Skein Queen Exquisite Twist in "The Man in the Grey Suit" colourway,  a yarn club special.  It is 80% merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon and has fantastic stitch definition, being lovely and firm and smooth. 
One of the prettiest pairs of socks I have ever knitted.  The leg is a bit longer than I usually knit, but it has plenty of stretch.  I love the twisted stitches and the wide ribbed panel at the front.  I will almost certainly knit this pattern again... but I have a couple of other Rachel Coopey patterns at the top of my queue to see to first! :D


Kestrel said...

Really pretty, a clever and subtle pattern. Lucky giftee!

Gail said...

These socks are truly beautiful. I'm bookmarking that pattern!

Lucy said...

Fab socks. And having been to the same Knit Nights as Rachel Coopey, I'm getting all claim-to-fame excited!

RooKnits said...


Mary in TN said...


acharmofmagpies said...

I've been watching the progress of these socks with covetousness and I was right to do so. They're exquisite. Just divine. I can't believe you're able to give them away!

M said...

Lovely combination of beautiful yarn and pattern. Fantastic!

christinelaennec said...

Those are so beautiful. I love the mirror-image design and I love how you've matched the shade of the wool to the name of the design!

Lizzi said...

A fine pair of socks.

Lynne said...

Your socks are fab! I would have had to rip that one back too. I say keep them for yourself!

Big Alice said...

They're beautiful. And the yarn goes so very well with that pattern.

Anonymous said...

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