Saturday, March 30, 2013

FO: (Don't you get) Fresh With Me, Summer Concert Tee

If you squint into the sun, you can see there is still snow on the hills.
But I'm SO over winter, that the name of this pattern was enough:  the Summer Concert Tee?
Yes please!  Let me at it!

Pattern:  The Summer Concert Tee, a pdf download from Dixie DIY for the insignificant sum of $3
Fabric:  One yard of neon yellow and grey marl stripe jersey from Girl Charlee, $5 plus p&p
Other:  Neon yellow ribbon to stabilise the inside shoulder seams and back neck, from the stash.

Pdf downloads can be such a pain to put together, but this one was easy... after I remembered not to print it double-sided!

I cut it in the smallest size, XS, which is a 34 inch bust.  It's pretty much perfect.  I am impressed by the wide range of sizes on the one print-out. I traced my size onto tissue paper as ordinary printer paper is too stiff  to pin on drapey fabric like this.

The only thing I changed was the scoop of the neck.  I raised it up using the guide line for the largest size.  I know I will get more wear out of it like this.

If I was making it again I might lengthen the front a smidge, as it only just meets the top of my jeans and I reckon my belly-dancing days are limited.

It is one of those mullet-hem jobs which is probably "so last year", but I like it so I don't care!

It took me just a morning to make.  A morning, people!  Got up, made a tee shirt?  Shazzam!

It was a breeze to sew once I got my stitch length right.  I used the "vari-overlock" stitch on my Bernina and there were some initial foot-plate suckage issues... and some strong language.

It's fresh (FRESH!) exciting, it's so exciting to me-ee!

I am delighted to have injected a dash of neon yellow into my wardrobe, just as the sunshine appeared!

I hope that this will be enough to satisfy my craving for electric colour, but I seem to be drawn to it more and more.  I was ogling a pair of neon-trimmed trainers in Dune today - it was a close thing, they look much better in real life!


argie said...

It looks great! I think I might be buying that PDF very shortly...thanks for your Kool and the Gang reference too!

Also, I think the trainers are cute. You should get them!

Marie said...

Gah, I love this!!! You really suit such breezy styles and you make them look so effortless. I'm currently making Dixie DIY's ballet dress, but this t-shirt might make it onto my sewing list soon after seeing your version ;o)

lou said...

hurrah! so cute! love the stripes

what is it that sucks the fabric into the depths of the bobbin bit anyway? i had that today whilst making a sorbetto. it drives me bananananas!


jessica said...

Lovely! So stylish and casual at the same time.

Four Winds said...

Very lively and stylish... like the long drape in the back. Neon knickers next? LOL

acharmofmagpies said...

Fantastic! I'm a fan of electric colours but it can be hard to work them into a wardrobe and this is perfect. And the style suits you so much!

flossieft said...

This looks great. Very summer and fresh.

Pam said...

Lovely! Love the colours, style... everything!

House of Pinheiro said...

Let me in on spring sewing fun x

opportunityknits said...

You look fab and cool in this. The fit is nice and relaxed and the colours are so fresh. LOVE it!

Rubybamboo said...

I love it! And just a morning's work! Go Roo.

Love the song references too.

Twelfthknit said...

You look great in that top :0)

Anonymous said...

Terrific! Just right for spring.
-- stashdragon

Franca said...

very nice, i love the mulletnbess of it!

Sølvi said...

Fresh indeed;-) There is nothing like a little bit of neon in springtime. Love this look on you! :-)

Mary in TN said...

Lovely top and so fresh! I am sick of winter too.

PanicaLab said...

It looks perfect on!

PanicaLab said...

Woow I just checked out the fabric's shop and it's $23 for shipping to Germany!! That's a loooot!! :(