Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snow, a sock and hatching plans

 I might not have finished knitting a blanket on holiday, but I managed to complete my first Betula sock.
The pattern is by Rachel Coopey, Coop Knit on Ravelry.

I  have a bit of a knitter's crush on Rachel Coopey's patterns at the moment.
She has a penchant for twisted stitches and  a smattering of colour-work.  
Some patterns, like Echeveria combine both of these.  I saw Dianne B knitting her pair of Echeveria socks in York and was smitten.
I also have something of an obsession for Talia, from issue 3 of PomPom magazine.
I actually had a dream about that pattern the other night!
I have ordered some lovely YarnYard Marchmont sock yarn with Talia in mind.  That's my next pair of socks planned!

We came home from Skye to another dump of snow.
This is the view from the front doorstep.
I arrived home and went straight to bed, where I slept for 13 hours.  My cough is easing but I feel half-dead.  Yup, I am a zombie.
I hope to get to work tomorrow, but right now I am not sure I will make it.  While we were away, I had my car MOT'ed (It passed!  A miracle!) and took the opportunity to get my tyres changed back to the "summer" sort, thinking the bad weather must be past by now... oops!

We also came home to a bust lightbulb in the bathroom.
The only replacement FL could find in the house (I was asleep, remember) was a blue heat-bulb intended for hatching baby chicks...!  You can imagine my confusion when I stumbled through there, half-asleep.
So there are lots of bad jokes being cracked in these parts:  "I'm off to sit on the nest!" is but one of many.  No wonder my head hurts!  And yes, as you can tell, FL is feeling a LOT better! :)


beate grigutsch said...

haha - nest....breeding......uh! :-))

chic sock!

acharmofmagpies said...

I'm still loving those socks. I'll have to go add that pattern to my favourites I think. I hope you get over your illness quickly and it's great to hear that that FL is feeling better!

Gail said...

I hope you're feeling better very soon, Roo :-)

Your finished sock is so beautiful - I'm hoping you might keep this pair for yourself? I'm also wondering if the sole is comfortable with that patterning. Not that it matters, because it's so pretty!

Gail said...

Oh geez - strike that! I think I'm a zombie! I get it now - that's the cuff, not the sole!

Mary in TN said...

Love that sock! Have not knit anything from that designer. Phloem looks intriguing.

Joan said...

Glad the week away did you both good (dreaded lurgy notwithstanding)!

Sarahel said...

The week of posts were a treat. And the knitting a delight. Love the silver socks and the emerging blanket.