Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Zombies! Run!

The face of justified outrage
Don't get your hopes up kids, I have neither bought an i-pod doo-dad-thingy, nor have I taken up a hard-core fitness regime.
But when I was watching one of many knitting videocasts this week, I was tickled by the concept of an app which tells you a short story as you walk / jog along, and then suddenly interrupts itself with a shout of "Zombies!  Run!"... and you run.  Simple, but effective short-burst high-intensity exercise.
Yes, of course it is a stupid idea - that's the point!
The neighbours
I have been amusing myself by incorporating the concept into my twice-daily dog-walks.
Hero nearly had a heart-attack the first time I tried it:  "Zombies!  RUUUUUN!".
And we gave a jogger a hell of a fright as he came round a blind corner towards us... heh heh heh!
Holiday home from home

But it is fun and it works to get me moving a bit faster.
Did FL join in?
Don't be daft!

This far and no further...
But today was Dexy Day so he had a bit more energy to spare and walked with us as far as the path.
I handed him the lead for a minute so I could leg it down and back up the steps without fear of Hero tripping me up.
His exact expression was "Ye're feel!" (Translation:  You are mad!)
But who is wearing the silly hat, eh?
The garden.
Yes, my legs DO hurt.  Thank you for asking!
ScruffyBadger would be proud of me!


Gail said...

You are cracking me up! I love this idea!

Donna said...

That is awesome. :) I love the photos too.

CCK said...

A good day.

wendy said...

Love it ! and the hat :)

Laura said...

That is sheer genius. Someone should totally invent that app. I'm a podcast/audiobook addict, and I could actually imagine myself taking up running if I had an app like that.

I sit next to a programmer at work. Maybe I need to start plying him with cake...

Mary in TN said...

Love it! And the pics are beautiful. Glad to see FL is out and about.

beate grigutsch said...

would like to see you and the dog running around like mad :-)
but isn´t it nice to feel your body in a good way?
i looove working out on a hiking trail.

Roobeedoo said...

I was serious - it's a real app! I just don't have an ipod!

Sew little time said...

you are mad. laura above - the app exists! it's called the zombie run game. love FL's hat too!

jessica said...

OK Roo, this totally had me laughing out loud! (I need to send the app on to my brother, he loves zombies in a weirdly ironic way. Plus, I think this would go over real well on the streets of New York. Upper East Side, no less!)

Glad you're enjoying your holiday. Hope FL rests well. I imagine it is difficult for both of you to see these changes, but sometimes a peaceful retreat can be a gift in itself? And - I don't know if it ever helps to write things out in letters and mail them off (or even keep them for yourself), but my inbox/mailbox is always open to you :-).

Lynne said...

Lol!! That's hilarious, and a strangly great idea! :)

Nina said...

In all seriousness, this rather silly app was what got me running again. It's been amazing, the Couch to 5K effort is wonderful for beginners (and people who used to run but haven't donned their trainers in a few years...) and the "grown-up" app is super-fun for pushing yourself.

I've been on so many serious training runs and finished them with a huge smile on my face thanks to the Zombies, Run! team.

I love your low-tech version, just be careful you don't spook yourself like I did on my first attempt. It certainly got the heart rate up!

acharmofmagpies said...

Hilarious! I'm sure your dog thought it was all great fun too. And yep, that's a great hat.

SimpleFibreLife said...

This post made me laugh out loud on the train. I really enjoy the idea of a jogger running along only to hear you yell 'Zombies, run!'. It would scare the heck out of me :)
Thanks for sharing Roo!