Thursday, April 04, 2013

FO: Echeveria Socks

Pattern:  Echeveria by Rachel Coopey (a free pattern), size M, 70 stitches on 2.25mm dpns
Yarn:  100g Lorna's Laces shepherd sock in "Bleen and Grue" (a Socktopus club colourway) and maybe 20g in "Amy's Vintage Office".

This pattern was designed as a Mystery Knitalong, with a new clue released once a week over 4 weeks.  I was too far behind to be a mystery knitter, having been inspired by Dianne B's version when I met her at the Yarn Yard meet-up in York.

Dianne was knitting hers two-at-a-time on one set of circular needles.  I tried casting on while I was on holiday on Skye, but it wasn't working for me.  My cable was too short and curly and it was a knotty mess before I had even managed the first row.

However, I liked the idea of knitting both socks side by side, so cast my pair onto two sets of dpns.
This was really successful!  Rachel Coopey had really thought about the week-by-week serialisation of her pattern and it was written with the skill of Dickens, leaving the knitter at an exciting point at the end of each episode :)
Episode One takes you from the fancy ribbed cuff through the first open lace section.
Episode Two is colourwork, with a very clever two-shade echoing of the lace in stranded knitting.
Episode Three has the heel turn and a return to the open lace.
Episode Four has a "closed" version of the twisted stitch pattern as you head towards the toe and the toe itself.

Fab!  This gave the project so much forward momentum and continuing interest.  And knowing that I was completing the pair along the way seemed to make it go twice as fast.

It was a really fun knit.
However, I have fitting issues, caused by my tighter tension across the colourwork section.  I really should have moved up to 2.5mm needles to take account of this.
See how it looks baggy above the two-colour section?  It's more a case of the colourwork being too snug than the lace being too loose.
So I am afraid I will have to keep these for myself - aw!
What a shame! ;)


daisydonut said...

They look fantastic I can see them worn with a skirt, over opaque tights and lace up ankle boots. The colour work will keep your ankles nice and snug, and the baggy section peeking out of the top of the boots would look great!

shivani said...

that colour is amazing! And I'm in awe of your colourworking cabling skills! I'm glad you get to keep them for yourself (even if the fit is a bit off) - they're lovely!

Anonymous said...

That blue-green (or should I say bleen-grue) is fantastic. I queued Echeveria as soon as I saw you start them, so thanks for the tips on stranded tension.

You deserve a nice handknit pair of socks for yourself!
-- stashdragon

beate grigutsch said...

these are indeed too good to wear!


Lynne said...

What lovely socks! I love the colours and the lace work is beautiful. I'm glad you're keeping them for yourself!

ashley0107 said...

I love the colour! And mixing colour work and lace is a cool idea, not something I've seen before.
They're very pretty :)

acharmofmagpies said...

Yet again you find a delicious sock pattern that I love, and that blue colour is up there as one of my three most favourite colours of all time.