Monday, April 08, 2013

FO: Emergency Top-Up Renfrew

When I realised I was a top short of my expected quota, I had a minor but nevertheless heart-stopping moment of panic. 
ALL of my clothes are now hanging up in my wardrobe.
The storage drawer is empty (I don't count my wedding coat, my quilt project or my abandoned Shalder cardi!)
Those white streaks are moving!

But I knew I had the solution in my own hands.  I had one yard of jersey left from my last Girl Charlee order, so I got out my Renfrew pattern and made a top.  Just like that? Shrugs.  Just like that!

Pattern:  Renfrew by Sewaholic, View A, size 4
Fabric:  One yard of cotton jersey from Girl Charlee, $6 plus postage (I bought 3 yards and the postage was approximately equal to the cost of the fabric. This was still cheaper than buying from within the UK, even supposing I could find a supplier.)

Yeah - more snow!

This is quite a firm and non-stretchy jersey so I made a larger size than usual.  This was the right decision.
I did not make cuffs or a hem band, but used black satin bias binding as a facing.  This means the edges won't stretch, so I can't roll my sleeves up, but at least they will stay in shape.

I can see from these pictures that the neckband is a bit gape-y, but I think I can steam-press it into submission.  It's not a deal-breaker.

A stash-busting wardrobe-filler!
The fabric is a beautiful rich  violet-blue with a print of black lace so it goes with black or navy (or red or grey or even in-ya-face mustard!)
Quick, easy, practical.
High five, seamstresses!
Oh - and since I managed to cut my feet out of all my snowy selfies, here is a bonus picture of my new ankle boots from White Stuff :D
The most comfortable shoes I have encountered in many a year - and cute too!


ashley0107 said...

Cute! I really like the print, and your new boots :)

Caffy Bundy said...

Good on you for treating yourself and the top is lovely. I really like the sound of working with that material... jersey can be such a pain!


shivani said...

oo that's a great colour on you!

I need to do the wardrobe review too... but I think I'll hold off until May - good weather makes me much less sentimental (and I need have a ruthless cull!).

Stevie said...

Lovely Renfrew! I've just cut a bevvy of them in order to get some stash down! Although now i'm sans four jersey fabrics perhaps I could top them up with Girl Charlee bits! Thanks for posting the postage price. Thats reasonable enough! x

Mary in TN said...

Love the new boots and top. The pattern on the fabric is so pretty. I need to cull my wardrobe too....maybe later this year. Nice seeing a lack of snow in your photos :) Hoping spring has come your way.

indigorchid said...

Yey stashbusting, and yey wardrobe filler, and yey cute shoes!

Scruffybadger said...

Rather gorgeous fabric You've chosen there Roo. Looks gorgeous as a Renfrew. Nice work, and sooo great that it is possible to whip up Renfrews on demand!!

Claire said...

The fabric looks gorgeous as a Renfrew. I would love to whip up a top just like that!

mirella said...

So... what was it you were saying about indigo-black combinations? Looks stunning - great work!

acharmofmagpies said...

I did a wardrobe empty out a few months ago, ditching almost everything that didn't fit or was nasty. I kept a couple of pieces out of desperation, but was devasted to find out how little I had left, and have been on a binge to try and fill the gaps since! Your Renfrew is gorgeous and a perfect gap filler! And great boots :)

Linda C said...

Really cute shoes. They look like the color is tending toward a purple-blue, or maybe I mean violet- blue (blue-violet ?) .