Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From Deer and Doe... to Bambi

No, it's not April fool's day, I really have been trying to make a bra!
This is my first attempt at the Bambi Soft Bra from Ohhh Lulu.
Marie is having a giveaway for any of the Ohhh Lulu patterns at the moment - you really ought to have a look!
I didn't buy any special materials for this experiment, and that ripple-y roll-y lower edge is the result - my band elastic was far too narrow to be fit for purpose.
But I have learned enough from playing with the pattern to think it would be worth investing in the necessary bits and pieces to try again:  using straps and clips and back-hooks and proper elastic.
My prototype is made from scraps of Liberty Tana Lawn, leftover from the Sencha you saw me in the other day.  The top edge is a tiny piece of broderie anglaise.  I lined it with white t-shirt cotton.
As far as I can tell, it is a reasonable fit.  But without straps and a back fastening, I can only check the cup size, not the overall circumference.
Clearly, it will not provide any serious upholstery or engineering benefits.  This is no Wonderbra!  I wouldn't go for a jog in it, and I wouldn't wear it to work, but it is rather pretty and potentially very comfortable for round-the-house wear.
Have you ever made a bra?


pennylibrarian said...

Very tempted by bra construction but doubt that I can make anything robust enough for the aging frontage... Love that Liberty print, I have some in the blue and the red but I can't work out how to combine them without looking like Maria Von Trapp.

sewingslowly said...

I'd love to, but probably won't. No "round the house" bras for me - I need proper support!

Marie said...

This is so sweet Ruth, that blue rose fabric is adorable! Like you, I would definitely need something a lot more structured for everyday, but this is perfect for lounging around the house!

LinB said...

Yes, I've made bras! Some were great, others synonymous with "torture device." Am still trying to perfect an all-woven bra, as were widely available in my youth. (They made them as engineering marvels for very busty women then ... I don't know why they couldn't do that again. Dixie Belle brand, are you listening?) The heats and miasmas of the U.S. South make synthetic fabrics uncomfortable from about May through November; and I am too lumpy and saggy to go without a brassiere, anymore. Check op shops for used bras to scavenge clips and hooks and other hardware, at least for your sample sewing.

Scruffybadger said...

Funny you should be making bambi, as that's the one I would go for! I shall watch with interest. Like the idea of using pretty woven fabric, talk about perfection: Liberty Tana lawn undies!!

rosyragpatch said...

I joined in the Bra Making Sew Along earlier this year.
Whilst my toile seemed ok, I made a stupid error making the real thing & it just didn't work. I will try again someday.
Good Luck!

Twelfthknit said...

I'm just about to start some underwear construction. I have a camisole cut out. I am going to make some knickers.... and then, a bra!

Linda C said...

I am contemplating making a slip and a camisole. Knickers, maybe - bra, very doubtful. I have a hard enough time finding a pretty simple bra for a busty lady that is not so full of wires, etc., that it set off alarms. I don't think I'd dare venture a bra., making it, I mean. Wearing it is a must.

Yours looks great. Love the fabric.


acharmofmagpies said...

Oh that is pretty! If this is the kind of aesthetic yoou're going for I can't wait to see more.

I've never made a bra and although maybe I would one day it's a long way away... I'd rather get much better at outerwear first!