Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lettuce (with a gladsome mind)

Saturday was a sewing day.  I am working on my first Deer & Doe Chardon skirt in a beautiful mustard linen, oh-so-kindly gifted to me by Jessica.  

I am waiting for a mail-order zip to arrive so that I can finish it.  This enforced pause gives me time to consider whether to embellish the skirt with herbal embroidery, or to keep it simple. Against my better judgement, I have decided to make the back-bow version, as it was looking awfully plain.  But would embroidery be a craftsy step too far?  Hmmm... and before you ask, YES I do intend to wear this to work.

Sunday has been all about the lettuce.  After I wrote my last post, I realised how near I was to finishing my Artio shawlette, and that once I did I would have the needle-space to cast on for a cardigan - yay!  So there was a great deal of knitting, back-to-back knitting podcast-listening, and a couple of sprints across the fields with the dog. 
Sprints?  OK, I exaggerate.  I can only manage about 30 seconds of stumbling jog at the moment, but I am trying to do it as often as possible to get myself a bit more mobile. 30 seconds of jog, 30 seconds of walk, 30 seconds of jog... repeat. 
 "Fit" feels a long way off.  I may be thin but I am not at all sporty.  My knees give way after a few steps, and we won't discuss my pelvic floor, thanks.  I have ordered a t-shirt with the immortal logo:  "If I'm running, zombies are chasing me" in the hope that watching knitting podcasts in which such garments are worn will somehow rub off on me and I will become an energetic person.
Been there bought the t-shirt?  Yeah.  Well.  At least I am trying.
It's all a healthy blur...

Healthy eating is going strong though - yay!
When The Girl was here, we stuck to the menu I posted on the blog, and ever since then, I have persisted with vegan cuisine.  FL has continued to stock the fridge with pork pie supplements, so is not feeling deprived.
As we enter week three, however, he offered to buy me some fish in town.  He hasn't come right out and said "Please can we not have vegy food every day?" but I know that's what is behind his kind offer.  Fair enough.  As long as we don't slip back into "100 different ways to serve a sausage" I don't mind the odd animal protein.  But I am feeling much better in myself on a mainly-vegetarian diet.
Apple oat muffins from The Veganomicon
And in farm news... we have a mallard duck nesting in my herb garden!

Duck eggs by twilight
I am trying to keep the dog away from her.  She is right up against the fence in a sheltered spot.  I can't wait to see the ducklings!


Lucy said...

Lettuce with a gladsome mind is a regular refrain of my mum's, and it's a very good moment to have something home-y to make me smile. Thank you :-)

wendy said...

I love your blog! Here we have sewing, knitting, cooking, exercise and nature. Thank you :)

christinelaennec said...

I love your blog title! All that creativity, culinary and needlary (?)... and a real duck's nest! Very, very exciting.

blue hands said...

Wow, that's a lot of eggs!

Sarahel said...

It must be the exercise and healthy eating that's behind the recent output rush. Your spring tee, Datura blouse and echeveria socks all linger in the mind, but don't seem to do so in the making.

Helen said...

I really hope you get a photo of those ducklings!

I would say no to embroidering the skirt. You can always jazz it up with different tops/jewellery/cardigans (if you find any!). And wear it as it is when you are having a plain day.

But what do I know?

Mary in TN said...

Gosh, that dinner looks just yummy! Have not tried the apple oat muffins from that cookbook yet. Good that FL has his stash of pies. My hubby does the same when I break out all the veggies. Nice pattern for the spring green yarn. Can't wait to see the finished shawl!

Ashley Brett said...

Aww, I'd love pictures when the ducklings hatch! :)
I'm not a runner. I tried, I really did. Maybe I didn't try for long enough. Hmm, maybe I'll try again, I *want* to like it.

Scruffybadger said...

Oo can't wait to see your Chardon! With bow! I didn't have enough fabric for the contrasts but have worn mine twice already! Love it....

Are you thinking of decorating too? I'm looking at yellow paint shade cards too...spooky! But no mallards nesting at my house. That's where the parallels end.