Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Something to Put On

So... I wrote my Spring switchover post, made myself a top, dressed myself, and went to work on Monday morning as usual.  Life goes on.
But I was frustrated with myself.  I could not believe that I am in an apparently endless loop of cardigan-lack.  Really, Roo?
So when I went home, I flung open the wardrobe doors and looked again.
And realised that I was lying - to myself and to you.  I DO have "something to put on".  I am just a drama queen.

Full Disclosure of woollies fit for work, grouped by weight (heaviest first):
Seasalt teal aran cardigan
Norah Gaughan-pattern purple aran cardigan (me made)

Betty Jean McNeil cardigan (me made)
Jack Wills fair-isle yoke cardigan

Lime green vintage cashmere cardigan
Audrey-in Unst cardigan (me made)
Bettie's Pullover (me made)
Boden taupe wool polo neck

Black cotton  3/4 sleeve polo neck
Brora black slinky evening sweater

What I really meant was that I tend to have one big cover-all cardigan which goes with absolutely everything I own (in the sense that it is so utterly neutral and anonymous that I don't even notice I am wearing it), and when that garment collapses under the strain of constant wear, I am bereft.  Silly moo.

THAT is an entirely different problem from the one I described, people!

I need to try wearing what I have.  Get a flipping grip, Roo!

So I have made myself a spreadsheet :D
Imagine - I could even make a pie-chart at the end of the month :D

Every day I will note my Top, Bottom and Outer garments, and aim to mix it up a bit more.  Get out of that navy woolly rut.
A plan - I have one!

P.S. And I am going to knit a black cardigan too...


Rachel-Lou said...

you are a brave brave woman to take on knitting a black cardigan, I had the same thought about two years ago and the yarn is still sat in my stash!

blue hands said...

Ooh a spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets). This is a bit like menu planning, which is something I always think is a good idea, but never do.

Claire said...

Spreadsheets are so handy with wardrobe planning. Not long ago I took a deep look into mine and produced a handwritten sheet. Just imagine the possibilities with an electronic one!

Lucy said...

I do confess, I thought after your previous post... "But didn't Roo make an Audrey in Unst?"

I delved into the back of my jumpers drawer this morning and came out with a Poppy Red (go me!) cardigan which I haven't worn in yonks but goes stunningly with the otherwise all black outfit that I had dressed in thus far. So you're not the only one!

Lily M said...

I have a spreadsheet too, which I use to track cost per wear just as much as to work out how much I'm wearing everything.

Anonymous said...

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RebeccaHoward said...

Hi Roo. Do you follow Handmade by Carolyn? She has been doing a fantastic paper doll project where she records what she is wearing each day. Something similar to you but with drawings. http://handmadebycarolyn.blogspot.com.au/

LinB said...

Oh, I like the paper doll idea! I've just finished a heavy, woolen cardigan, in tan and chocolate and dusty rose (not enough of any one color for an entire garment) that will have to wait until November at least for wearing. It's time to throw all the socks and long sleeves into a box for winter. Even old women are wearing flip-flops and tube tops here, against the heat. (Not I: I no longer expose my bare arms, in deference to the delicate sensibilities of the viewing public. They are moley and mottled, fish-belly pale, and my slack flesh ripples in the wind.)

Anonymous said...

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Pam said...

Hurrah! Which pattern will you use for the black cardigan?

Pam said...

Hurrah! Which pattern will you use for the black cardigan?

Mary in TN said...

Looking forward to the black cardigan, and totally understand not having the right thing to wear.

Rachel said...

I was wondering where those beautiful hand knits had gone. Maybe you shouldn't knit a black cardigan but carry on creating beautiful non-black knitwear...(I'd buy the black one personally - but then dark blue or purple is as dark as I'm prepared to go with hand knitting)

acharmofmagpies said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about how well your plans to track what you wear go! And maybe we can see some outfit combos to see how these knits are being worn? Maybe the combos that you consider particularly winning?

annanic said...

I know what you mean about the non-descript-goes-with-everything cardigan. I had one and after it fell apart I decided not to replace it. Since I knit I'm trying to make more interesting sweaters. One of my most worn cardis is dark brown with turquoise/blue colorwork birds. It's interesting, but it still works well as a basic piece because the colors aren't super high contrast... of course you might disagree. This is a good example of how I wear it; http://annanicsblog.blogspot.com/2013/02/vintage-modern-post-script.html
Even though the sweater and the dress are both prints, I think they still work together. Somehow the sweater works really well with almost everything. So definitely make the black cardi, but throw in some lace, cables, or colorwork to keep it fun =) And wear those handmade sweaters! Think of all the time you spent making them and realize they're too beautiful not to be seen.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late commenting, but over Easter knitted this http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/red-hot-sweater-jacket in dark grey, and have worn it a lot. Warm, quick knit, good boxy jacket shape and smartish. Am toying with the idea of another one with a fabric lining that shows at the collar and cuffs - why are sewing and knitting so rarely combined?