Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wider than the screen Knitting

Waffle Cream socks by Anne Hanson (Knitspot)
I was up with the birds on Saturday morning and had the shopping done and the floors scrubbed before 11am.
Yes, scrubbed.  Proper hand-and-knees cleaning with a bucket of soapy water and a brush.  Ugh.
After that, sewing felt like an energetic step too far... and there was also the small matter of table space, or lack of it.
Because FL bought a giant tv.
I'll pause here for The Girl in London to wipe the tears of laughter from her eyes.  Hi Girl!
There is so much I could say on this subject:  how a giant tv was the beginning of the end of my first marriage, how I would prefer not to have a tv at all, how truly madly deeply much I dislike oversized electrical gadgets... deep breaths now Roo.... calm.... and breathe.... aaaah!
But here is the thing:  FL is really not well at all.  He has given up his golf club membership because he can't walk very far.  His hearing has deteriorated, and so has his eyesight.  But he loves watching the news and Time Team repeats.
Our old tv is very old and very small and he can't see the subtitles.  Besides which, it has become impossible to tune.  If I perch the aerial on top of "Roman Camps in Scotland", with an 8 inch overhang from the edge of the kitchen worktop, we can get BBC1 and Channel 4, but nothing else... and even then it "explodes" every few minutes.  Ever watched only the top half of Masterchef with spluttering intermittent sound?  Greg's bald head has limited visual appeal...
Now, I have been arguing that the problem is the signal / aerial relationship, due mainly to trees and the relative position of the transmitter... and not the tv set.  FL didn't believe me.  So he and a friend went shopping.  I came home to find a new addition to the Sofa of Doom.
Words fail me.

EDITED TO REMOVE PHOTO OF TV BOX ON SOFA - and a note to spammers - please leave my little blog alone.  I assume you found me through the image of the tv box?  It has been removed - don't come back please.

And until such time as we can work out how to lift the old tv out of the corner (it may have a small screen but it is about 2 feet deep and very very heavy), the new tv is on the table.  It is taking up the whole of the table.
Oh... and it doesn't work. Ha ha ha ha ha!  It is so ridiculous that all I can do is laugh!  Giant TV doesn't have any more hope of picking up a signal than Small TV.
So I am knitting.
Cabled Cropped Cardi from Learn to Knit Love to Knit
And knitting some more.
And FL is sleeping.
And sleeping.
And coughing.
And sleeping.
At some point today, I am going to have to take charge of this situation and get the wheelbarrow into the front room to move the old tv out and the new one in, so that at least we can use the table.
And I suppose tomorrow I will have to arrange for a roof aerial to be installed.
Until then... I am knitting.
John Huston, Tarnished Hero by Rachel Coopey

Do any of you have any better ideas?!
Thought not.


Elly said...

Could you plug hoooj TV into a computer, at least you'd get iPlayer etc?

Nice knitting, I'd missed that one of Coop's patterns!

Emma said...

I think getting a new aerial is the best bet! And getting someone else to fit it. They might help moving new t.v., as they have to fiddle about with it anyway to get the best reception. My DH bought a 37" t.v., which is more than big enough! People's heads on it are often bigger than ours,IYSWIM.
Yes. Knit on. It's for the best.

Lizzi said...

I lost the huge tv argument, too. However, I have said if anything more than 32" comes into the house then I am off.

I wonder if he would notice.:-)

Carolyn said...

haha, we have a giant TV too, with three electronic-mad boys in the household I had absolutely NO hope of hanging to our small and nicely discreet old TV....
I reckon: I've got my sewing and stuff so it's OK for the boys to have their fun too. Get a handyman in to do all the installation, tuning and hauling away the old one, and get him to take away the box too.

Anonymous said...

Pay for satellite service?

Sarahel said...

We've been there on the poor reception - aerial guy said it was the trees and that he couldn't mount it on a long enough pole to see over them - so in the end I got a dish, and a new tv with built in freesat (another box and separate buttons was going to negate the benefit of the dish for OH). And the improvement was so immense (though our 32" was enough to make me feel a bit sick at first) that I felt guilty for holding out for so long.

You always knit such gorgeous socks that I think I must break my self striping plain sock habit, but when it comes to the point of action I just want mindless, calming stocking stitch.

Really like the look of the cardi too.

Rachel said...

Hi!! I just discovered your blog my clicking the link on did you Make That? i love the colour of your orangey-yellow yarn!

Check out my blog

Rachel @

Sandy said...

Knitting is a wonderful solution to many of life's distress ors.... good on ya! I second, third or fourth the ideas above of getting a pro in to install the antenna or dish or whatever is required. If it is just for FL, he will enjoy watching the golf competitions which are probably starting up world-wide about now... and you can keep on knitting! Hugs.

Sherral said...

If your internet is fast enough to support Netflix or Hulu and if you have Wi-Fi, you might be able to get a Smart DVD player that will play shows right on your tv without having to fiddle with a bunch of cords. The down-side is that you wont be able to use the internet as speedily while FL watches shows. But it is one option, and probably less expensive than satellite or hiring an installation man. Just a thought. Good luck with whatever you do!

LinB said...

You can possibly run the t.v. reception through your computer, and just display it on the Giant Screen of Doom. That's an option pitched to us by many, many service providers in the U.S. Makes it easier to compute when the screen is that big ... .

Linda C said...

Ha, I know about that big tv. We got one a few years ago. I am not much of a watcher, prefer to get my news from radio - although my husband can lure me into watching import series from BBC like Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife, plus of course mysteries. I admit I am glued to the computer almost as much as he is to the TV - sometimes.

We got a dish because the cable company is so hard to deal. So far the dish people have been delightful.

Sympathy on the sofa situation. I have a table I used to use as a buffet that is now full of tools and junk right by my dining table. He calls it his" junk table."


Mary in TN said...

oh my, that new TV takes up the ENTIRE sofa! Understand completely about not watching TV. My parents gave up cable last year. Somehow they still manage to keep up with all the news events. We have cable for internet and TV. Dish does not get good reception where there are a lot of trees. Love the waffle cream socks in that vibrant orange.

jessica said...

Oh dear ... this had me laughing, but also wishing I was more technologically savvy to offer suggestions! My parents had an analog TV for the longest time, the only thing that made them change was when the US switched over to Digital TV only (I dunno what all the formatting etc. means, I don't really watch TV) But I remember back in the day, we had these bunny ear antennas on top of the TV, and sometimes when the reception got bad my parents would hang coat hangers off of it to try to extend the reach of the atennas :-P. I think that was to supplement the antenna they had up on the roof? My dad would sometimes climb up on the roof and tinker with it, while my mom was downstairs flipping through the channels and yelling for him to go back ... no ... do it the other way again ... no, like it was before ... they would have to compromise: if you really want Channel 26 (Chinese station), we can only get our second favorite news station. Etc.

OK that was a big digression. Yeay for MMM! I think I will play along unofficially, as before, can't seem to commit to anything. But! I do find it helpful to mentally plan my outfits the night before. Makes the morning go much more quickly, and I usually mentally swap things in and out until I figure out the right combo. Love your "happy" twist, you've made some really cheerful garments this past year! Maybe "happy" is also wearing a favorite garment/accessory/color combination? Also, the seahorse shawl is beautiful ... a happy make!

Ashley Brett said...

Oh dear! I second the idea to plug a computer into Huge TV so you can watch iplayer and 4od etc on it.
Love the sock knitting :) Sock knitting makes everything better.

acharmofmagpies said...

Knitting is delightfully therapeutic. Good luck with the telly!