Monday, May 06, 2013

FO x 2: A Pair of Renfrews

Remember my Desert Island patterns interview over at ScruffyBadgertime?
This weekend I lived the dream!
OK, so I didn't find myself stranded somewhere exotic... but I definitely tried to shut out the world and devote myself to sewing!
 And what better pattern to choose than the Renfrew?
 Not just once...
 But twice!
Part of my plan for Me Made May is to replace the unethical shop-bought items in my wardrobe with me-made staples.  Long-sleeved t shirts are items I can't seem to live without.  They go under cardis all year round and sometimes, when the sun shines (gasp!), they get out on their own.

There's not much more to be said on the subject of the Renfrew pattern.  It is a simple long-sleeved top with the perfect scooped neck (in View A - the one I always make!).  After this weekend's adventures, I realised I now have 7 of these.  One for every day of the week - woo hoo!

Pattern:  Sewaholic Renfrew, size 2 in view A, without sleeve or hem bands.
Fabric:  Red cotton jersey from Croft Mill, leftover from a previous project, probably about £6 for the metre used.
And:  Organic cotton jersey from Truro Fabrics in a lovely deep aubergine / midnight blue, £9.99 for a metre.
Other:  Scraps of bias binding used to stabilise the shoulders on the inside:  lilac gingham on the purple one and red and white polka dots on the red : )

I cut them out and I sewed them up!
The only issue I had was that my aubergine fabric was slightly warped, requiring extra care in laying out the pattern.  As a result, I lost about an inch off the length of the sleeves, squeezing them into the space left after cutting the back and front pieces.  Looking at these pictures, they seem fine - phew!

There is no doubt I will wear these until they fall apart.
They are bread-and-butter garments, in colours that work well with many other items in my wardrobe.
Plain.  Simple.  Mission accomplished.

Worn with:  Lisette Portfolio pants,  Simplicity 2245


Scruffybadger said...

Hurrah!! Gorgeous colour choices, Roo, in such a classic tshirt pattern. It has to be the top t shirt pattern of all time. I still don't think I've got enough of them......
Glad you lived your dream!

Elly said...

Rooooob! Always inspiring posts (and lovely colours). Would you say this top is suitable for a beginner? Who, ah, has only really sewn knitting project bags up until now?

Rachel-Lou said...

Lovely tops, there is something really satisfying about sewing up basics that you know will get worn a lot.

Helen said...

These are great and a lovely colour. I'myet to but this pattern, but I feel that me made may is probably going to be the time I do!

LinB said...

There IS something so soul-satisfying about making a tried-and-true pattern, isn't there? Not much to think about, meditative sewing, and productive daydreaming about all the thousand, thousand variations in color and fabrics that are possible -- even as you churn out the same shirt over and over because it's such a staple that you've worn another one out. I have a Stretch-n-Sew tee pattern that has served me and my daughter well for more than 20 years. Which reminds me ... every single one of my tired, old summer knit tops was turned into rag yarn last fall ... time to knit up some bathmats and sew up some new tees.

sarahp said...

The Renfrew is just such a classic! I've just cut one out of nearly the same colour as your berry one:). Excellent taste I say!