Friday, May 17, 2013

MMM Days 11 to 17 (Bored Yet?)

So here we are right in the middle of Me Made May.... are you bored yet?

11 May 2013 - nothing much to report.  I found myself dressed in old non-me-mades because it was Saturday and I was sewing at home.  But I am pleased to tell you that my jeans, t-shirt and shirt were all organic cotton, from Howies and Seasalt.

12 May 2013
 Happiness rating:   Very High
 Lisette Portfolio dress, oh how I love you and your pockets!  And by a stroke of serendipity the Artio shawlette picks up the lemon/lime flower in the print rather well.  To pin it in place, I dug out a handmade (not by me) brooch made from a shard of pottery found on a Scottish island beach :D

I wore this to the garden centre where I spent too much money on replenishing the herb garden (mostly lavender).  We now have a hard-digging "rough" gardener.  I wait for him to go home and then sneak out and plant things in the weeded areas.  Sadly,I have caught him trying to bury weeds instead of removing them, so FL got the job of having a man-to-man "quality control" talk with him, which turned into a practical demonstration of "how to dig".  I won't tell you how long it took FL to recover his breath.  Sigh.

13 May 2013
Happiness rating:    Increasingly happy as the day wore on (without creases!)

It's about time I wore my Chardon skirt!  I had to get up early to iron my South Riding blouse, but I think it was worth it.  I felt a bit like a 1940's pre-teen party-goer in this outfit.  Anne from the Famous Five?  (I always wanted to be George.) Someone in the Flickr group said it reminded her of Snow White - LOL.  Certainly the right era!  So I threw my cowboy boots on to toughen things up a bit.  Good news to report - this linen hardly creases at all - wowee!

Cardigan:  Betty Jean McNeil

14 May 2013
Happiness rating:  Bonus points for amusing others.

I have never worn this skirt before.  It is so RED and didn't seem to work with any of my tops.  But I had never tried it with my new violet and black Renfrew - success!  With toning tights, it is less glaringly bright (humour me) and I enjoy the shape.
Suspender straps take a lot of getting used to.  This is them crossed at the back, which hoists the hem upwards by a good inch if not two.  When I sit down... yeah.  Even higher.  But uncrossed they threaten to slip off the shoulder.  At this height, the waist is up on my rib cage which makes me look taller and slimmer, which is an illusion I rather like to cultivate ; )
However, this was not the ideal outfit for climbing on a chair to open the window in the hospital waiting room.  The NHS should employ me as a clown to entertain the aged and infirm:  if I'm not knitting a sock I'm performing aerial acrobatics in a short red skirt - woo hoo!

15 May 2013

Happiness Rating:  Medium to High

So it's cold again.  But I found my caravan curtain-print Renfrew - yay!  It was folded up neatly in the stash suitcase. (Why?) I am so glad it wasn't sent to landfill in a pile of threadbare towels!  Mad tights are becoming a theme this Me Made May.

 Cardigan:  Audrey in Unst

16 May 2013... and 17 May 2013 (spot the difference?)
 Happiness rating:  Higher on Friday than Thursday

Who remembers this skirt then? It's my 1950's pattern Rockabilly Rose. It is very comfortable, crease-resistant and a "safe" colour for polite days at work, but because it is about 3 inches too big, it sits on my hip instead of my waist and is far too long.  If I hoist it up (first picture), you can see how it could look if I wasn't too lazy to fix it.  I have never tried wearing it with this cardigan or tops before.  Not bad, if a bit frumpy.

Worn with my Aestlight shawl and lime cashmere vintage cardi (a gift from a friend).

On Friday, I had to get up at 5.30am to travel to Edinburgh for a work meeting.  I needed to be comfortable, smart-casual and "appropriate".  So I revisited Thursday's outfit and exchanged the purple Renfrew for the red one.  Also seen:  farm-children print bag handmade by Cotton and Cloud before she became a famous knitting pattern designer, granny's not-jet beads, and alarmingly pink RTW coat, bought in a sale about 3 years ago (it could be 4) and saved for occasions when I think I need to look like a grown-up.
Because this outfit did what I wanted it to, it scored pretty high, even though this is not my ideal self-image.  Interesting.


sulkycat said...

The last outfit is FABULOUS! Dare you to wear that top and cardi with the pink trews. Your wide trews would look good with the Famous Five outfit, with the added bonus of being more 'George'.

Thus ends Sulky's assessment.
(Bows, exits to applause, trips and falls on face).

Spikeabell said...

Love this weeks outfits. Are all the cardi's (unless when stated) yours? I love the green one and the blue edging on your 'snow white' outfit. Cool stuff Roo, love your work!

Sarah said...

So many beautiful outfits and lovely bright colours :) I feel happy just reading your post and seeing the photos.

ravelledsleeve said...

Gorgeous outfits! I particularly like the Forties party outfit :-)

pennylibrarian said...

Looking fab-u-lous once again. Is there no end to the loveliness of your wardrobe?

Pam Bochel said...
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Pam Bochel said...

Love all your outfits - so stylish and colourful! What's the cardi you're wearing on 13th?

runfoyolife said...

Your "snow white" outfit is adorable!! I love that yellow skirt on you.

Urban Rustic said...

I like the Snow White ensemble too.
Love all the bright colours in all your outfits and your style.I have given up trying to comment on the Flickr group as there are just too many people to keep up with on a daily basis!

Lynne said...

Yey to finding the caravan curtain Renfrew! It's lovely.

Roobeedoo said...

Re cardigans: the dark green one is "Audrey in Unst" by Gudrun Johnston and the one with blue trim is Betty Jean McNeil by The Family Trunk Project. More details by searching my blog - I will add links.

Scruffybadger said...

Ooh, my overall impressions are of zingy colours! I think it's the lime and all of its pairings. Wonderful outfits, I don't know which I'd choose as fave. It's funny what you say about Madeleine's suspenders sit outside of my boobs, and that makes me feel weird. I had to put extra buttonholes in them to make sure they were short enough, and thankfully it's got a fitted waist which prevents rib cage creep as you describe.... I wore it yesterday without suspenders and it was a whole new feel....

acharmofmagpies said...

So many fabulous outfits but I really love Snow White and the last one, all the limes and pinks together are lovely!