Friday, May 03, 2013

MMM Days 1,2,3... with Oystercatchers and Eggshells

Extracts from my Me-Made Diary In search of happy handmade outfits

May 1st 2013
I was wearing orange tights today... just like an oystercatcher! 

Happiness rating:  High
Temperature: 6C
Sources of happiness:  Fit, proportions, colour pops, owl earrings, orange tights
Me-made:  Side-buttoned Kelly skirt, Betty Jean McNeil cardigan
Oystercatcher eggs on the roof
May 2nd 2013
I thought I was going to be too cold without another layer under my coat, so I carried the Navy Cardi of Doom. But guess what?  I was warm enough in the office without a layer of wool! 
Note to self:  Maybe you don't need a cardigan every day, Roo.

Happiness rating: High

Temperature: 7C
Sources of happiness: Fearless skirt length, colour matching, quirky jewellery (pen nib earrings and camera necklace), beautiful shawl knitted by a friend.
Me-made: Purple Airelle top, mustard cord mini skirt
Empty eggshells and the sound of cheeping!

May 3rd 2013
Happiness rating: High (dropping to Medium by midday)

Temperature: 3C
Sources of happiness: Dark denim and stripes worn with warm tights and comfy shoes.  Yay! " I am still in my twenties and I am probably still a student!"
Petty quibbles:  In front of the bedroom mirror at 8am, I liked this.  By lunchtime at work I felt a bit crumpled and scruffy.  But it is Friday and I am taking the day off on Monday so... it is what it is!  And boy oh boy, do I need a haircut!
Me-made:  Stripey Renfrew, dark denim Kelly skirt, black cotton  Japanese pattern jacket

So that's the first 3 days of May done and dusted.
The next 3 will be more of a challenge as my "home clothes" tend to be non-me-made.  Maybe I will excuse myself on the principle that I will be doing some making!


ravelledsleeve said...

Three fabulous outfits! I am not doing Me-Made May because I suspect I don't have enough handmade items, but seeing pictures of your handmade wardrobe always inspires me to head for the sewing machine!

beate grigutsch said...

love these outfits!
the color combo on the first and second are great.
i´m wearing my old skirts at home - so i can wear me made all around. for weeding the garden or other dirty jobs i wear an apron. no trainers :-)

Helen said...

Oh, a SIDE button Kelly. What a great idea!

I love all these outfits. Your orange tights are fab!

Marie said...

Oooh, such lovely outfits!!!

Rachel said...

So happy to see Betty Jean McNei out and about! Great outfits.

Gail said...

That Betty McNeil cardi is one of my favorite things you've made!

Sabs said...

Really like the orange tights outfit on you!

Deborah Rodgers said...

Love these outfits, and what a great way to document them, especially like the happiness rating

Scruffybadger said...

I ALWAYS love your me made posts Roo, and this is no exception, gorgeous outfits and I like the commentary and happiness review too. Your tweed Kelly is such a great idea, and with your Betty jean, instant love!

Lynne said...

I love your Betty Jean cardigan more than I can say!

pennylibrarian said...

My Happiness Rating is 'Very High' after seeing these. Lovely bubbly.

Donna Hensley said...

I love, love, love your happiness rating. That is the best. :)

jessica said...

Dang Roo, you are just killing this! Awesomeness (especially - pink cords into town! YES!) These outfit combos are great - love the colors, proportions, happiness rating of course :-). Friday's outfit looks comfy and chic, but I know what you mean about liking something in the morning and then enthusiasm waning as the day goes on ...

acharmofmagpies said...

Yes. These. These seem to me like the perfect combination of professional and Roo that you were talking about all that time ago. I especially love that first one, the way your cardigan reflects in your boots and tights.