Friday, May 10, 2013

MMM days 5 to 10

You already saw what I wore on 5 May - my mad pink trousers came out to play again, while I was sewing a couple of Renfrews.

I'm sorry to be lazy, but if you want to know more about an individual garment, just search my blog - I have a dog to walk and a blanket to knit!

6 May 2013  True Roo the Car Mechanic
Happiness Rating:  A comfortable High
Is this a sickle I see before me?
Temperature: An astonishing 15C and climbing
Sources of Happiness:  This is the Real Me.  If I didn't have to work where I do, I would dress like this all the time.  Bright buttons!  Comfy shoes!  Leggings!  Purple!  Beads!  Yup.  This is True Roo.
Me-made:  Darling Ranges dress in organic cotton / bamboo mix fabric, Audrey in Unst cardigan in locally-spun yarn, Mad Budgie socks.  Not me-made but handmade bead necklace from Silly Old Suitcase.

It was a Bank Holiday and for once I actually took the day off (I usually go to work and add the day to my summer holidays).
After helping FL change the wheel on his car (in the sense that he sat on a picnic chair and called out instructions while I manipulated jacks and wheel-nut-undoing-devices - hark at me, I HAZ SKILLZ!) we went out for lunch at Touched by Scotland.

We had to wait for a table, so I had a look round the craft shop and the newly-located, much-shrunken Wool Shed.  I hope they manage to keep going - they have such lovely yarns, but it does feel a bit squashed.  I don't know where their stock is hiding.  No, I didn't buy anything, but was sorely tempted by Grampian Alpacas DK.  Mmmm - soft!

7 May 2013  Actually Rather Nice
Happiness Rating:  Quite High
Temperature: Variable between the foggy coast (11C) and sunny inland (15C)
Sources of Happiness:  Red buttons!  "Oh look, this dress fits me much better than I remembered - it's actually rather nice!"  Comfortable boots.  But really - should I be wearing ankle boots with a summer-weight dress?  I had a shoe crisis about this. Tsk.
Me-made:  Darling Ranges dress with adjusted bust darts (see original post), Japanese pattern black jacket, red Percy shawl (in self-defence against coastal fog-chill).

8 May 2013  Rosacea in Red
Happiness Rating: Medium?

Temperature: 9C  (yeah, that's the end of double-figure temperatures I reckon!)
Sources of Happiness (or otherwise):  I'm feeling a bit meh about this combination, despite expecting it to be a "staple" outfit when I made the red top.  It's just a bit... boring?  I think the top looks best tucked in, but that exposes the gap between the waistband and the next button.  I need to add a snap fastener under there.  And I am tired of the black jacket already.  It is my cardigan-substitute, but it's not as warm or comforting as something woolly.  Which is why I wore my Ishbel shawl on top.  There's not much energy here.  It could do with some accessorising - red beads?  Interesting earrings?  Wilder shoes?  Or am I just pissed off that my rosacea is flaring up?  I can't actually blame my clothes for that : (
Me-Made:  Printed jersey Kelly skirt; red Renfrew top; black Japanese pattern cotton jacket;  Ishbel bfl shawl.

9 May 2013  Boyle's Law
Happiness Rating:  High... until I saw the photo
There are blue stockings and there are bluestockings...
Temperature:  7C
Sources of Happiness (or otherwise):  These separates were always intended to be worn together.  The violet and black lace-print Renfrew was made with this skirt in mind, and I do think they work well together, and with the black jacket.  The crazy tights were inevitable.  But when I looked at the pictures, I was disappointed - it's all a bit "straight up and down".  I don't look fat and I don't look thin, but I look dangerously middle-aged and not quite female.  Even with my tidier haircut, I feel myself drifting into Susan Boyle-before-her-makeover territory.  Is this inevitable?  Do all women start to look like men in drag at a certain age?
My granny's not-jet beads lifted it a bit, but...
Me-Made:  Ginger skirt in UV-lilac cord;  violet and black lace print Renfrew;  Black cotton japanese pattern jacket (yawn!); shetland lace triangle shawl.

10 May 2013 Tilda Roolz
Happiness Rating:  Medium, revised to High
It was the wind, I swear!
Temperature:  6C with winter coat on in the morning and then suddenly "hot" in the afternoon
Sources of Happiness (or otherwise):  This morning I had a bit of a meltdown.  I could not face wearing that black jacket again and I was feeling rebellious towards frumpy skirt-age.  So I returned to an old favourite combination, seen in at least two previous self-stitched challenge rounds.  But you know what?  There's a reason why I wore it then, and that I ought to wear it now:  the proportions work.  A short cardi with wide trousers makes my legs look longer, and me taller.  I am 5 foot 3.  Yes, really.  In this outfit I am Tilda Swinton and I am ten feet tall.  THIS sort of androgyny roolz. I am also wearing my bird-cage necklace which never fails to make me smile, though it definitely lacks any handmade credentials. My feet were too hot in the afternoon.
Me-Made:  Betsey Johnson 1970's trousers; Sencha in Liberty tana lawn; Audrey-in-Unst cardigan.  A friend knitted the shawl (Christine!)

How am I feeling right now?
I just went back and gave each of my outfits to date a score out of ten.  I won't tell you the results yet, but it's not what I expected.
Sometimes I over-think.
Sometimes I just wish I had fewer, but better, clothes.
A self-designed uniform?
A different job.

Yes, Hero, I'm coming!


ravelledsleeve said...

Fantastic outfits - I particularly like the ones from the 7th and the 9th (and the 9th is just a bad photo, they happen to all of us!).

Emma said...

You are so hard on yourself! You look fab in all those outfits. Seriously. I love them all. You do a really good job of putting together colourful, interesting outfits that are exciting to look at and smart enough for work. That is quite an achievement. Have you seen what most people wear to work every day?

p.s. I like the blue stockings! :0)

Shar said...

I just want to repeat everything that Emma wrote. I know when your blog shows up in my reader that I'll be treated to unique, colorful outfits that I'd love to own! I bought the Kelly pattern after seeing your versions.

sulkycat said...

My favourites are the first and the last outfits, they are cheerful and smile inducing in the right way. Third for me is the second one down. Then again my opinion will scare anyone who has seen the way I dress!

PS 5ft 3 is a GIANT.
From Julia, just under 5ft ....

Janey Missymoo said...

8th of May is my favourite, I just love that skirt! Maybe what the Ginger needs is a skinny belt in bright purple to bring it together? Or sunny yellow?

jessicajyen said...

I think you're being hard on yourself - I like all these outfits! Sometimes outfits just don't photograph well. Especially love the day with the purple Ginger :-). For Day 8 I think it was (with the red and black and white) ... I'm almost tempted to suggest pattern mixing in black/white? The skirt is so patterned that it is a striking contrast to the solids in the rest of the outfit - which are also very striking solids because there's so much contrast. Pattern mixing might help bring all the contrast together a bit more? Just a thought, you know I tend to over-pattern mix!

Helen said...

Yes you can totally rock ankle boots with a summer weight dress! That and the rest of the outfits look fab!

Karen Marie said...
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Karen Marie said...

Dear Roo - I love your blog! I am the same age and about an inch shorter than you. I loved the comment about looking like men in drag after a certain age. I literally laughed out loud! You look fun and interesting and colorful and not a bit like a man! Keep it up.

Karen Marie

RebeccaHoward said...

Umm - Susan Boyle? No Roo. Not even close. You go to your wardrobe and think about what you are wearing and it shows. She used to, well I'm not saying because it might be rude and she might read this and it might hurt her feelings. You don't look androgynous at all. You look petite and feminine in everything you wear. Sometimes though, you play safer than others and don't have the whacky Roo Factor happening. Maybe that's what you see or don't see, in your photos.

Alessa said...

If all else fails - you've definitely got most colourful, most varied collection of beautiful lace shawls of anyone I know, virtual or otherwise. :)
(After bungling my first attempt at a Percy shawl, I shall have to woman up and try again, soon...)

Unknown said...

You know I love your clothes and reading your blog.......the Wool Shed? oh tell.

unlabelled clothes said...

The purple dress outfit is just so lovely & fun!

christinelaennec said...

I like all your outfits, Roo! And I'm so glad you're able to make use of the shawl. Also, your observation about older women looking like men made me and my husband laugh out loud. It's true sometimes, for some much older women. But you definitely do NOT look like a man!

Scruffybadger said...

More laughter about references to drag!! That is a great observation!! As always I love peeking into your me made wardrobe this way. Every time I see your purple darling ranges it reminds me to make it up for come it keeps slipping off the list? I like your wind blown quif too...those wide legs and amazing cropped cardigan are a killer combo. Interested to see what your scores will this before or after you see the photos?

acharmofmagpies said...

I actually really like the outfit on May 8! I think the colour combo is fab and the whole thing is classy and sleek with a bit of sass and not at all boring!