Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend Makings

This weekend  I curled up with my comfort knitting, and finally finished the first section of my Kex Blanket - hooray!  I got out all my balls of Scottish Aran Tweed to assess the available yardage and determine colours for the next section.  It took a whole evening to pick up the stitches, but now I am making good progress.
I have been itching to sew.  That's been the root of my weekday evening discontent - even though it is still light at 8pm, after doing my dog-duties it just feels too late to drag out the sewing machine and get going on a new project.  Tsk.  Pull yourself together, Roo!

So this weekend I made a start on not one but TWO skirts using fabric from the depths of the stash  - yay!

Unfortunately, it is so long since I planned to sew this Betsey Johnson skirt out of blue herringbone linen, I have long since scavenged the special red bandana print bias binding I bought for this project, (using it for my Tribute to Jane shorts) and have had to pause while I find something similar for the hem facing. 
This is the inside edge of the front pockets.   I need another 3 metres of binding for the hem,  I think red with white polka dots will do nicely!
I am making the blue skirt with red topstitching... in blue with red topstitching.  How original!

I was inspired by another Me-Made-May participant to revive this project.  VeryKerryBerry popped up in the Flickr group wearing a gorgeous linen wrap skirt which she made from a 1970's pattern.  "Ooh!  I could do that!" I thought.  And so I am, sort of - but mine has ties rather than buttons at the waist.  And I suspect that mine will be more of an apron than a skirt, because my linen is a bit too thin for decency.

This month's Country Living magazine has a similar vibe going on.  I might need a headscarf :D

But having run out of binding, I have set this skirt aside for today and made a start on my watermelon linen Chardon.  No pictures of that yet - you'll have to come back another day!


Gail said...

Watermelon? Linen? Can't wait to see that!

And yes - you need a headscarf!

LinB said...

I just came across a 1970s pattern of which I have fond memories, and instantly imagined you wearing something from it -- there's a plain-ish dress, with sort-of-bishop sleeves, and an optional full smock to wear over it. What made me think of you was: 1. The smock, duh; and 2. the pattern envelope brags " ... with the new narrow shoulder!".

I'll see if one of my contacts in the UK can forward it to you. That way, you won't have to decide if you want it, and I can make room in my pattern stash for more acquisitions. If it suits you, fine. If not, I know that paper burns easily, and/or breaks down eventually in compost. Also, shredded, it makes a decent mulch.

Roobeedoo said...

Lin B - thank you for thinking of me! I can't see a way to email you from your profile page. If you comment on a really old post, with your email address, I can "moderate" your comment and therefore not publish it to the world, but still get in touch. :)

verykerryberry said...

I just love the Betsy Johnson skirt, the pockets especially. The bonus of the wrap style is at least there is a double area of the backside, helps with the decency issue!