Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Weekend of Shawling

This weekend was devoted to my Lonely Tree Shawl.
The end was so near, I could almost touch it.
But I paced myself.
I went to the library.
I did some gentle weeding and rabbit-proofing of the herb garden.
I pondered potential fabric / pattern matches in the sewing stash.
I bought and cooked food.
But again and again I came back to my knitting, ekeing out the rows across the hours.
Until suddenly it was done.
With only a tiny scrap of yarn leftover!
It's blocking now.
Back to my sock!


christinelaennec said...

Oh my gosh that was a near thing! You were almost like the Tailor of Gloucester there - I'm glad there was enough. I'm looking forward to seeing the blocked version.

And don't you look fab in your skirt?!

Sounds like a good weekend.

Judith said...

Finished!!! How quick and clever are you. Sometimes knitting just seems to take forever, and other times the day flies past. Whilst you are rabbit proofing, we are possum proofing ...always something to be done...J

Alan Wood said...
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Alan Wood said...
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Gail said...

I know this post is about your shawl, but I just love that skirt! Especially with the cardi!

MaryinTN said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I just love it when I get something accomplished. Lucky you did not run out of yarn. Now, what I really want to know is: how did you rabbit-proof your garden? We have had small bunnies running through our waist-high corn to munch on the carrot tops and this morning we discovered most of the carrot leaves had been munched to the ground.

Caroline C. said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I never expect things like that for some reason, haha. My blog archive is not very large, I have been updating it quite spottily and only really got back into regular-ish blogging last month. You've also made many lovely things, and knit many lovely things! :D The Me-Made-May posts are probably the best for snooping people's makes, haha. Thanks again.