Monday, June 03, 2013

Brambles and Bandanas

A new month and lots of new projects!
That tantalising close-up shows the beginnings of an aran-weight shawl:  the Lonely Tree Shawl by Sylvia Bo Bilvia, which is a free pattern, also available in  a back issue of Knit Now magazine.
I am using  JC Rennie chunky aran in the colour Bramble, gifted to me by Christine in a fit of de-cluttering as she prepares to leave town (sob!).  She also gave me some AlbaYarn in Glade, which is snuggled up next to its buddies in my stash, awaiting a flash of inspiration.  And last but not least, I inherited a bag full of Teos Handspun wool from the Isale of Skye - oooooh!
In return for all this woolly goodness, I am knitting Christine a pair of socks - yay!
She chose the Willowherb pattern from CoopKnits Socks, using the Lioness Arts bfl sock I bought at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, in the colour Pan.  This is a luscious forest green with handpainted splashes of pinky-red.  It is going to really interesting to see how the colour comes through as I knit. 

Willowherb pattern - picture from CoopKnits Socks

Lioness Arts bfl sock in Pan
This weekend I made a start on both projects.
The Boy is home for a week before he heads off for a summer of festivals and fruit-picking.  Sewing is an anti-social, noisy activity, better reserved for days when I am home alone, so I stuck to knitting and gardening.
But as you might expect, I have lots of sewing plans bubbling away in my head.
Top of the list is a piece of 1970's insanity involving broderie anglaise, bandana-print cotton and Betsey Johnson :D
Cowboy boots at the ready, girls!


Judith said...

Love the look of the shawl - it is getting cold Down Under and I can just feel its warm...must add it to my knitting 'to-do' list quickly...J

beassewingadventures said...

I am loving the seventies skirt pattern. Not least because I think, back in the day, I (or at least my sister) possessed every single one of those pictured!

christinelaennec said...

Thank you so much, Roobeedoo! The shawl is very beautiful and really suits that yarn.

acharmofmagpies said...

I was enjoying the pictures of socks and yarn but it all got forgotten even I thought you said banana print cotton. I caught up eventually but I'm a little sad that there isn't a banana print dress in your future.