Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keeping and Indulging

It is June, half-way through the year, so it seems like a good time to revisit my new year's resolutions. 
You probably won't remember, but I decided that 2013 was the year I would start (1) doing things "for keeps", and that (2) I would reward myself with a "small indulgence" every time I made something for someone else.

How's it been going Roo?

Pretty well actually!

(1) Doing things "for keeps" has had the knock-on effect of me giving myself permission to use the best fabrics in my stash, and to knit with the yarn I had saved for... for... I don't know what really!  As a result, my knitting and sewing has felt a lot more special. I have paid more attention to a good quality of finish and at the end of a project have found myself with something I genuinely like and want to wear or give to someone else - woo hoo!
I bought the July issue of Vogue... Yeah, yeah, don't worry, FL has already poked enough fun at me about this petrol-station impulse purchase - you don't need to have a dig too! It is devoted to the topic of age, and in one article, Charlotte somebody writes about how she realised that her "staples" have stayed the same as she aged, only now that she is older, she is buying the best-quality version of them that she can find/ afford. 
I absolutely get that!  If psychological theory is to be believed, we tend to feel nostalgia for our late teens / early twenties, because those are the years when we became recognisably "ourselves".  Charlotte's staples are the items she wore in her youth.  Mine are probably the ones I wished I had worn!  But as long as I don't look like I am having a mid-life crisis (you will tell me won't you?) I see no harm in gathering together the styles I identify with being "me".

Things like:  cowboy boots, denim, broderie anglaise, big aran cardigans, oversized scarves, strings of beads, swooshy skirts, checked shirts...

News Flash:  I have given myself permission to BE ME! :O

And I am still working on my Kex Blanket.

(2) At the start of my small indulgences experiment, I showed you my first rewards:  stitchmarkers, a notebook, soap... and then I went quiet.  You may have thought I had forgotten about the new regime?  Um... no.  Instead, I had already accounted for FL's birthday socks with another order of Future Primitive Soap.  I have control of my addiction, honest!  But delicious smells have become part of my life now.  There is soap in my yarn stash, in my underwear drawer, in the shower and at the side of the kitchen sink.  Every morning, I inhale deeply before I go out to face the world.  Life changing aroma-therapy,  I kid you not.
I spend far too long in the shower every morning breathing in The Shire:  "Orchards in blossom, Birds nesting in the Hazel thicket, Summer Barley & the barest hint of Heirloom Strawberries."  It's true!  And it looks like blue skies over the fields :D

Right now, I am motoring down sock two of a pair of Rachel Coopey Willowherb socks for Christine

Now, although she has already rewarded me for these with the JC Rennie's aran wool I used for my Lonely Tree Shawl, and some handspun and some Albayarn,  I think I might allow myself a yarny treat for finishing these.  Even though the knitting is a treat in itself!  Maybe a skein of Countess Ablaze sock yarn?  I do love the Northern Lights colourway!

So, yes, I am being pretty good to myself this year.
And best of all?
I have planned a mini-break with The Girl, just the two of us - yay!  Girl-time!
We are going to Hebden Bridge for 3 days in the summer.  3 days of vegan alternative mooching with a splash of Plath and a buttering of Brontes.  Yay!
FL is slightly bewildered by the plan, but fingers crossed he will be well enough to manage on his own for 3 days.  He just MUST.


Kate said...

I am so jealous of you going to the Bronte Parsonage.

I find the idea of finding your own style interesting. I don't think I've found "me" yet.

m. said...

To give ourselves the permission to be who we are... very wise Roo. It is freeing - isn't it? Enjoy your time with your daughter. Peace to you!.

christinelaennec said...

Following your heart should definitely be "for keeps". I'm so pleased you're using your lovely fabrics up for yourself.

As for the socks - gosh! I am one very lucky woman.

I'm very excited for you about the mini-break with The Girl. Fingers tightly crossed FL will be fine for a few days. You really deserve a holiday.

Colleen said...

I heard Trini and Susannah say that we tend to dress the way we did when we were happiest or felt most ourselves. I think about that a lot and I admit that there's truth in it.

Linda C said...

You raise such an interesting point - when was I truly me? Probably just recently. When I was at home, my mother definitely knew what colors looked good on me and often would advise me on what to buy. The clothes she made for me, I loved - but, sometimes they needed one more thing to be truly me. When I was out and working, by myself,,,,, I might listen to others or buy on impulse, most of the time I hit it lucky. The time of the not looking like me was when my family was young and we had very little cash. I had a very kind cousin who gave me clothes and I was so happy to get them. Of course I finally realized they were all the wrong colors and fit/size. She was much fairer and had blue eyes. I had dark hair and green eyes. She was taller with less on top and more in the hips. I was just the opposite. Just been looking through family pictures - I look much heavier and the crew necks seem to be choking me.

You, Roo, suggested I try the wide legged trousers - works great. I also have found that USA petite sizes work better than regular. and it's not just green looks good, but the right green. I think one of my best helpers is a full length mirror (on a door I found in the basement, leaned against the wall) I can get the full picture.

My favorite time has got to be recent years when I have learned to buy or make clothes that look just they are made for me. -, colors, shapes, sizes , etc.
Amazing how long it can take some people to learn.

The Brontes - I liked JANE EYRE very much, but, oh my gosh, WUTHERING HEIGHTS. I sort of think I may have seen it as a movie when I was a very young kid, I may have heard it as a radio serial - but I remember , in my teens, reading it once a month because it was so beautiful with its star-crossed lovers, Heathcliff and Cathy. Such a high standard for the common guy to live up to_right? Sounds like a great few days for you and your daughter. I hope it work out for you two and that FL will be ok to be alone.


Fiona said...

Hi - I know Christine, and how lucky she is to be getting those socks! I may have said before (forgive me) but thanks to you, a copy of Rachel Coopey's book found its way to my sister in Philadelphia for her bday. She seemed to appreciate it - credit to you!
Good luck with your plans for the summer!

Fiona said...
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acharmofmagpies said...

I've loved seeing your style evolution, you seem to be getting more and more comfortable in your style and it shows. Long may it continue!